NCAA College Football: What Is The Next Major Realignment?

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NCAA College Football: What Is The Next Major Realignment?
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Hmm, let's see this past off season the Big 12 almost fell apart, the PAC-10 almost became a super power, the Big 10 became that much more stronger, and Kansas, Iowa State, Baylor, Mizzou and K-State were almost left without a home. Ok, let me take a breath....Ok I'm back and now what appears to be happening is another big shift amongst the Non-AQ conferences. These "little guys" are looking for a home with the BCS automatics. Those conferences are, MWC, Sun Belt, WAC, MAC and Conference USA. Let's be honest the Sun Belt, and the MAC will never be considered anything close to a contender in the BCS rankings, so lets move on from that. That leaves the MWC, WAC and C-USA. In recent months and days the WAC has lost all of its fire power, first by losing Boise, and then getting stabbed in the back by Fresno and Nevada. The MWC was actually looking like a superstar conference with the addition of Boise only to get this news, Utah was leaving for the PAC-10. After that talks of BYU leaving to go independent arose, so they quickly made a move by grabbing Fresno State, and Nevada to show that they were serious about competing. For a few days it was thought that BYU will stay put as they rumors died, then BAM! They announce they are going independent in football and going to the WCC in every other sport(by the way can anybody name the teams out of the WCC besides Gonzaga?). So that leaves the MWC, with TCU, Boise, Fresno State, UNLV, CSU, AF, Nevada, New Mexico, SDSU and Wyoming. To me that seems like the WAC conference just a tiny bit better. Just to make matters worst, rumors are swirling about the Mountain West bringing over USU and NMSU. I believe that the WAC is done and over with, bringing up FCS teams will just make your conference the laughing stock of football. Here is the kicker, the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA are in talks to either form a major 20-team merger or play a co-joined title game for a BCS spot. Just to throw in another kicker, TCU is supposedly deciding whether to go to the C-USA or try and push to join a BCS conference in coming months. If this happens then you could kiss the MWC chances at a automatic bid goodbye. So that leaves Conference USA. It is being rumored that they will be giving Temple and TCU a invitation sometime soon. I believe TCU would jump all over it for the simple fact of travel cost and competition will be way better than the new MWC. If this happens expect C-USA to receive a automatic bid because they already have very good competition, and with SMU rising from the dead, it will only make C-USA football that much better.


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