Recent Floyd Ramblings Show He Thrives On Manny's Popularity

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Recent Floyd Ramblings Show He Thrives On Manny's Popularity
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The recent babblings by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in what is yet another attack on Manny Pacquiao on a personal level are picking great viewership on the internet.

Prior to that, verbal attacks have also been issued by his father, Floyd, Sr., and his uncle Roger. All of which are baseless and unsubstantiated, and simply borders on the insane, driving the pound for pound king's master trainer Freddie Roach to call the whole family "dysfunctional".

However, the recent issuances by Floyd surpasses that of his father and his uncle. They're down-right disgusting and offensive. Not only does it show the real intentions behind it (driving the last nail on the fight's coffin), it also shows the real personality of the person deemed to be America's boxing hero.

It is our duty as adults to bring sports to the youth. Whether it be basketball, baseball, soccer or boxing. It is our responsibility to make young people find their interests in any sports. As such, we oftentimes speak of athletes who excel on their chosen sport.

And definitely, America's top fighter Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a terrible sports ambassador. And as such, boxer-congressman Manny Pacquiao MUST NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO with the sport's dysfunctional athlete. 

Let Floyd Mayweather, Jr. keep his "0". It would be so much better than be in the same ring with a "black" person, and I am not referring to the skin.

In the advent of Manny Pacquiao's reign in boxing, more younger people are getting interested in the sport. It's always been evident that people line up outside the WildCard Gym for his autograph, and the number of young people doing so are ever-increasing. My daughters are starting to love boxing as well.

Boxing is a contact sport, and parents are naturally apprehensive having kids take it up. Now, as a parent, I will surely regulate who they look up to on the sport they love. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s actions splattered feces all over the boxing wall. He made it stink. He made it ugly.

The whole world is looking forward for this fight. But if Manny Pacquiao wants to remain as highly regarded among those who look up to him, he must not step in the same ring with this person and earn money alongside him. He should refrain from talks that may put his name in the same sentence as this person.

Besides, Floyd Mayweather , Jr. doesn't really want to fight him anyway. I am of the impression that Mayweather is thriving on Manny Pacquiao's popularity. Without the mention of Manny Pacquiao's name, Floyd Mayweather's monetary value as a fighter diminishes. 

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