Gary Johnson's Opinions On The WWE Product As Of Right Now

Gary JohnsonContributor ISeptember 2, 2010

Hello Bleacher Fanatics.

I have been here, lurking mostly, and reading all your articles for almost a year now.  I thought it was a good time to add my input finally.


I'm gonna start with what was the greatest thing in the WWE the last couple months.  Nexus.  I ask you to name me one other time in WWE history where seven newcomers became Summerslam Headliners in less than a year.  
....still waiting.  No one raised their hand and answered?  Well, you are all correct.  It has NEVER happened.  Since SS though, the Nexus has basically become a joke.  Granted the gained some steam back when they destroyed former member John Cena...sorry I mean Darren Young.  Everyone is already talking about the break up of Nexus., and I have a question for you all.  Why?  Why do they need to break up after only a few months.  Besides Wade Barrett no one looks like WWE singles material to me.  Lets run down this list

Tarver-  The guy's moveset is punching, and his finisher is a big punch.  Cool?

Gabriel- Some will disagree with me but he definitely isn't ready.  Granted his match with Orton was decent, but he isn't ready to be taken seriously for singles matches yet.

Skippy- I love this guy.  I agree with everyone when they say he could be a greater Batista.  But he needs more build up to be a single star.  Think about how Batista left Evolution and then people believed right away he was a serious competitor.  Besides NXT and the one match he had to stay in Nexus, what other matches has Sheffield had when he was alone? When he gets back from injury, build him up as a monster heel then have him be a babyface, either way...this guy is gonna be something. 

Slater- Ok, so he is the one man rock band.  He styled his look after Edge.  His finisher looks the same as when Ziggler botches his.  Ehhh...not sold on him at all

Otunga- I don't care what people say.  I like him.  Yes his in ring ability is....lets just say that I could do better and all I have is a makeshift ring in my backyard.   But his mic skills are great and we need more mic people in this business.  Someone wrote once that he should get his own stable afterwards to keep him from wrestling but get him on the mic, and another said have Barrett put him 2nd in command.  I agree with both these ideas.  But don't put him on his own yet.

Barrett- Give the guy the title already and give Nexus some credibility.   His hard work recently deserves recognition.


This is where I acknowledge those before me and got me thinking about writing.

When I first came here I remember Chris Mueller and Joe Burgett ruled this site.  I read every single on of their articles because of how great they were.  They let their articles do the talking for them.  I respected them.  A few others in my time here have caught my eye, and these are just random people I remember. (If I get your names wrong, I'm sorry)  RKO's #1Fan Forever?  A.M?  Matt Hester?  John CobCorn?



Raw:  The 6 pack challenge is the right way to go to get all of Raw's main talent into a match at a match rightfully named Night Of Champions.  So kudos to them for pulling their head outta their...just kudos to them.  I will openly admit I'm a Mizfit, but the U.S title needs relevance again.  It looks good on him, but he doesn't need it anymore.  I don't think he even mentions he is the US champ right now.  Give it to someone not Evan Bourne or Mark Henry.  In my opinion, give it to Morrison.  Have DiBiase, Truth, and Bourne all go after it to give them something to do.  Nexus needs to do something big again to gain relevance again, and I don't mean random beatdowns.  They need more now.

Smackdown:  Kane and Undertaker is being promo'd great.  Too bad Taker is old now and I don't think he can put on much more matches and Kane is getting up there in age also.  Mysterio needs to get out of the Main Event ASAP.  Let me explain though.  Swagger was champ, Mysterio took the belt from Swagger, Swagger is now feuding with MVP (Midcarded Very Probable).  If you feud with MVP, you're done for a bit.  Anyways, Mysterio I have heard whines every time he doesn't get his way or feels like he deserves something.  Remember Summerslam and his match with Ziggler?   CM Punk needs to leave the SES, nothing is working there, Serena is gone and Mercury is now put up on the shelf.  Great creative idea, poor execution.  Get rid of it.  Learn from mistakes.  Also, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes is becoming quite popular on Smackdown.  I am enjoying his matches and promos (minus grooming tips), very much.  He will be in IC hunt soon.

NXT:  Season 2 is over and it was a mess.  We had all of the season's competitors in the audience and did no one think they would get involved somehow?  The whole attack was sloppy and pathetic attempt at a Nexus invasion v2.o.  Titus no sold the kick, and Riley threw out Watson, only to be seen teaming up with him less than a minute later.  There is too much of a good thing Creative Team...thanks for destroying the ending.  Don't create a whole new stable when you still have Nexus.  Two stables from the same mold will not be fun to watch.  Don't call them Genesis either.  Doesn't TNA have that as one of the PPV's?  Add a select few into Nexus.  Give Husky, Hennig, Riley, Watson, and Cannon a shirt with the "N".  Branch out to Smackdown and dominate the WWE.  I would want to see that.  I remember NWO almost stopping every match due to interference.  I want that again!

I really hope my first article goes over alright.  I apologize for grammatical errors and wrong tenses being used.  I'm wrote this on a flight to visit my girlfriend.  Appreciate all feedback.