Matt Leinart: Five New Areas of Work for the Failed QB

Tyler CurtisAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2010

Matt Leinart: Five New Areas of Work For The Failed QB

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    Well we know one thing and that is Matt Leniart won’t be playing quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and maybe won’t be playing for anyone this year.

    If you ask me it is time for Leniart to seek a job elsewhere. If he chooses he could make a position change but frankly it may be time to move on from football.

    Where could the former Heisman Trophy winner go to? If you look beyond his football accolades there are many places he could go. So lets see where he may end up.

Movie Star

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    Here we see Leinart on the red carpet with Nick Lachey. He looks pretty comfortable on the red carpet doesn’t he. He certainly looks more comfortable here then he does behind center.

    You add in the fact he is already acquainted with Southern California and it seems like a match made in heaven.

    He even has a little but of an acting resume to his name. He has appeared in numerous commericals most notably one for Desperate Housewives and even has been in a movie.

    He appeared in the Hollywood film The House Bunny. The bad news he is already relegated to backup status in commercials as well.

    He was seen holding a clipboard in a Nike ad. Sorry to burst your bubble Matt but your already a backup in Hollywood.


Rock Star

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    If we know one thing about Leinart it is the fact that he can party like a rock star. He has proved this on several occasions and is one of the reasons football isn’t going to work for him.

    He is a free spirit and he doesn’t have the time to train or practice when he could be partying hard. You add in the fact that he has the whole devil horns thing down and this seems like a perfect match.

    Then again he probably cant sing or play an instrument but that hasn’t stopped some people from making it big (I am looking at you Lady GaGa). Don’t get down Matt we are going to find you a job.


Dancing With The Stars

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    Not as a celebrity guest but as a dancer who stays on the show every year. As everyone knows he famously took ballroom dancing during his senior year at U.S.C.

    Many former athletes go on the show and have great success. Not only would Leinart have great success but he would be breaking ground by being the first athlete to be a professional dancer on the show.

    So he surely can get down and Dancing With The Stars would be the perfect chance for him to show all the hours that he put into his ballroom dancing class.

    Then again the chances that he went to the class are about slim to none. So maybe this isn’t the best choice for him.



Celebrity Socialite

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    Leinart is rich and likes to party. So maybe he should just stick to that and make some money off of it.

    He could be the male version of Paris Hilton for Hollywood. He doesn’t have any arrests on his record now but he will be able to stay out all night and then do it again the next night so the arrests will come.

    This may be the job best suited for him and quite frankly I would be jealous if he decided to go this route.

Basket Weaver

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    Don’t give me that look. That’s right Matt I said basket weaving. Again everyone knows that he took basket weaving along with ballroom dancing his senior year and lets put some of that hard work to use Matty boy!

    He could hand weave baskets for former teammates to put their practice clothes in or may a basket so the ball boys can round up the footballs after practice at a quicker rate.

    Maybe he could weave baskets so future Heisman winners can carry their trophies around and not worry about losing them. Whatever Mr. Leinart decides to do he has a lot of options and it looks like he will be successful.