World Wrestling Entertainment Has Proven Their Universe Wrong!

Atobe KeigoContributor IISeptember 2, 2010

How many times do you go on the internet and there is a article about how the WWE is/has become predictable? I know that I have read many articles such as that and believed it to be true till last week. In this article I will give you three reasons to why the WWE is not predictable. The First is something we all remember:


The Breakup of "The Greatest Tag Team of The 21st Century"

The second Miz and Morrison broke up everyone said that Miz will stay in the midcard  or be fired and Morrison would soon be a World Champion (I hoped that would be true). Fast Forward 2 years and The Miz is The United States Champion and MITB winner and is feuding with "Internet Darling" Bryan Danielson. While Morrison is jobbing to NXT graduates known as The Nexus. While many hate this fact the WWE has made The Miz in what we believed was Morrison's future. but that is only one of my three reasons in why the WWE is not predictable. The next one is:


The Invasion of Nexus

It was a couple of months ago when 8 (now 5) rookies came and wreaked havoc on a horrible viewers choice Raw. they had the entire IWC writing like crazy and became a monster stable in the WWE. Nobody expected that in 8-11 minutes CM Punk and the SES would be destroyed, some ring announcer being choked with a tie, and John Cena getting the living hell beat out him ending with Bryan Danielson spitting on the poster boy of the WWE. This storyline might have gotten a little stale because of the same constant attacks but no one can say they saw this coming. Now on to my last reason:


The Sudden Rise of Sheamus

When Sheamus was just coming from ECW to Raw everyone was saying "Who in the Blue Hell is this Human Jar of Mayonnaise?" But when TLC PPV came around everyone said there is no chance for a new guy like Sheamus to beat John Cena even if he is Triple H's buddy. TLC passed and on the last Raw of 2009 Sheamus was one feet on Cena's body and one hand in the air screaming "I am the WWE Champion." Now he has "taken out" 13 time champion Triple H and in 1 year is a 2 time WWE Champion. He (even though some might no agree to this) is starting to impress the fans. He impresses me because of his 3-0 record against Cena. My entire point is that no one saw any of these things coming and it just shows that the WWE can be unpredictable.


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