NXT Season Two: The Good, The Bad, and The Aggravating

John KindelanAnalyst IIISeptember 2, 2010

August 31st marked the end of season two of NXT, and while it's debatable which was the better season, one thing about the ending of this one is it had some good, some bad/disappointing, and some just down right aggravating.


I noticed on the final episode they kept emphasizing the prize. The winner is the next break out star and received a Pay Per View Title shot. It didn’t say the winner is the only one to get a contract, only a title shot, so any one or all of the participants could be asked to stay on, and based on the ending, apparently they will be.



The Good


Kaval wins. Not one of them have been trying to get through the door longer, have as much experience, or were as skilled as Kaval.


Michael Cole continues to become a great heel. NXT really allowed Cole to tear into those he hated and push the heels without major backlash from the WWE universe because all the contestants were newbies.


Alex Riley. I was surprised to see he wasn’t one of the top two, but I think that was a decision based more on storyline rather than actual votes.


Lay-Cool. It was just an extra show where we got to see them out of ring gear and looking just fantastic; it really helped build on the BFF and heel personas they’ve been doing so well.



The Bad


Michael McGillicutty. Stale, boring, and absolutely terrible on the mic. His matches are nothing special, so other than the fact his dad was Mr. Perfect, he’s got nothing. His final speech of the night brought the show to a stand still. 


No Nexus. I know, odd right? We see way too much of them on Monday, but they could have come out to watch who wins and watch the beat down that ensued afterwards.


Zac Ryder. His gimmick has to go. At least he got rid of the one legged pants, but seriously, this just gave him more air time to impress us less. He was much better when he was impersonating Edge.


Titus O’Neil. Others have commented on his lack of selling MVP’s shot, but that combined with his stupid dog pound chant. Ugh, way to be Arsenio. Also, how about the fact that on twitter you continue to preach the good vibe you gave in your final speech, make every day a win (unless told by management to go heel.)



The Aggravating


While all of this can be put in the bad category, it's really much more aggravating than bad.


No Surprise. All of the contestants and Pros knew the results.  Suddenly the guys that were eliminated are all backing up McGillicutty or Alex Riley. Everyone is a Heel, and they're all angry and not portraying the character they played the whole show. Suddenly Lucky Cannon is heel. Really, just incredibly dumb.


Percy Watson. When he was eliminated, he hugged Kaval and told everyone in the ring he was going to win. Were we supposed to forget that? He has such potential as a great face. I still think he should be partnered with MVP as a tag team. It made no sense to me that he would just instantly jump in the ring and turn on the pros and Kaval.


Husky Harris. Each week all the contestants mocked him, and he constantly spoke on how he was better than everyone. When asked who should win, I thought for sure he was going to start up again with. "Well I'm the guy that should be in the ring, the WWE Universe is stupid."


Suddenly Husky is supporting McGilicutty because he’s a second generation star and says how they were just born better.


Season three Divas. Someone on this site called it some time ago that season three needed to be different and they should switch it up and make it Divas. I remember reading that and thinking that might actually be a good idea.


On my Twitter account an independent wrestler by the name of Isis The Amazon started following me based upon my Bleacher Report articles. I, in turn, followed her on Twitter, checked out her website, watched videos of her matches, and even scheduled an interview with her to discuss what her thoughts were on women in wrestling today.


I went back to her page recently as she missed our interview time and thought I would reschedule. The page is gone. Why? Because Isis the Amazon is now Aloisia a contestant on NXT season three. UGH! I missed out on an interview because WWE gave her the call and moved her up to the big leagues!


Based on what I saw of her matches and photos on her website, I think Aloisia will be dominate in NXT season three; her only issue may be that Vickie is her Pro, which might cost her some votes.