Top 6 Things: I Have Learned From The 1st 4 Episodes of "Hard Knocks"

David AllerhandContributor ISeptember 2, 2010

Top 6 Things: I Have Learned From The 1st 4 Episodes of "Hard Knocks"

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    This is in no particular order so enjoy reading!  Wait, is that Revis on the cover...yikes.  Remember this is all opinion based so  please leave a comment below so I can see your opinion.  Thanks for reading and have fun with it!  Positive and negative comments are allowed you can also "like" this article if you want.  More JEts articles will come but much more serious ones.

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This team missed Kris Jenkins

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    Besides Rex's cursing speeches another reason I fall off my seat laughing every episode is Kris Jenkins this guy is the team clown and sure looks like one.  He always has something funny to say whether it has to deal with Revis, talking to fans from his former team (Carolina, week 2 preseason), his great on-field cursing or cheering up the team when they are down.  Having him miss most of the season last year must have really hurt the atmosphere in the locker room.  Good to see you back and some-what healthy Kris!

John Conner is the future

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    When Jets GM, Mike Tannenbaum drafted FB John "Terminator" Conner out of Kentucky he knew he picked someone special but he didn't realize how special.  The "Terminator" addressed by all the coaches has lighten it up this pre-season, whether it be blocking, running, hitting hard on special teams there is nothing wrong with this guy.  He is so good the coaches were thinking about dropping his veteran mentor Tony Richardson but after this year when T-Rich calls it a quit, Conner is ready to go!

Being a GM is tougher then you think

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    Mike Tannenbaum and many other GM's jobs may look tough but when you see it up close you see how tough it really is.  For example, the Revis situation is one of the hardest things he has had to deal with this summer and you can see Tannenbaum's agony after hanging up the phone with REvi's agent.  In addition, you can see the sadness in his eyes when the Jets have to cut a certain player and how he addresses each player by saying, "you are great and I'm sure there are other NFL teams who will see the talent we saw, good luck."  His sadness also apeeres when he sees someone he signed or drafted talent goes to waste.  However, when he gets to see his family his face lights up as he is always working and does not have a great deal of time to see his wife and kids unless it's over the internet.

Mike Westhoff continues to be one of my favorite coaches

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    I'm use to watching this guy yell on the sidelines but now that I get to see him up close it's a show that I would pay to see.  He is by far the most emotional special-teams coach in this league, the way he addresses the players is amazing.  Trust me if you think I'm talking about a sensitive sit-down talk kind of guy you have it all wrong, one of his most famous quotes to David Clowney is "if you don't prefer I will cut you on the f****n field on Sunday."  In addition to that, it's also great to see him encourage Rex and motivate the team.  The way he is coaching does not make him look his age, it makes him look younger but who knows the age could be why he acts this way.  Trust me Dungy if you don't like Rex's coaching style you sure as hell won't like Westhoff's.

Being a rookie is hard, just not as hard as I thought

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    Even Ryan is laughing at you

    Whether it's getting yelled at by your coaches constantly, getting tied up to the goal post and getting a modern day version of "tar and feathering" (yes I said that) or just "rookie night" being a rookie sucks.  It could also be your teammates laughing and booing at your awesome but really strange talents which ends up embarrassing you.  This video will show you what I mean...on a side note when watching please notice Bart Scott's words

Jason Taylor can't use his own new car

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    Taylor has a new Maserati and for some he can't use the navigation, he claims he loves it so that begs the question why can't he come to anything on time?  He's going to need toss top getting lost with Pace out for a couple weeks...remember Taylor injuries are part of the game and a BIG part when you are on defense.