PGA Tour: John Daly and the 15 Worst-Dressed Golfers of All Time

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PGA Tour: John Daly and the 15 Worst-Dressed Golfers of All Time
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Throughout the years of professional golf, we have seen an assortment of thrilling tournaments and events at every level. Most of the winners you see sport a casual look, just trying to fit in with the rest of the golf field.

However, there are the handful of players who have no limits to their attire and go all out to cause provoking discussions about what they are wearing.

Sound like anyone you know?

John Daly is known for the way he dresses rather than his performance on the golf course.

Is that a bad thing?

Maybe, maybe not. At least Daly is an iconic figure in the sport of golf; however, no one is really impressed by his play, unless you include his mediocre driving ability.

Daly is not the only "weirdo" that we have seen in the history of golf.

Here, I have comprised the 15 worst-dressed golfers in the sport.

Feel free to add comments and suggestions because there are so many bad-dressing incidents out there that it's hard to keep up with them.

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