WWE's Road to Unification: The Golden Path to WrestleMania XXVII

Josh BrewerCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2010

Earlier in the week, Internet reports surfaced indicating WWE's plan to unify all titles between now and WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta next April.

The idea is probably a long time coming, since a couple of the titles (namely, the United States Championship) have become largely irrelevant.

The tag team titles have been unified for a long time now, but the introduction of new championship belts solidified the unification.

At Night of Champions, the Divas and Women's championships will be unified when Melina takes on either Layla or Michelle McCool.

But how will the other two titles be unified?

Only time will tell us exactly how WWE creative will likely let us down with another John Cena win at WrestleMania, let's take a look at how the titles should be unified in the next eight months.


Intercontinental/United States Unification

The Miz has been U.S. champion forever, and it seems like even longer since he actually defended it. That break will likely come to an end, as Internet reports indicate The Miz will take on Daniel Bryan for the U.S. Title at Night of Champions.

The best thing for both men is for Daniel Bryan to win the U.S. Title at Night of Champions.

The Miz is set for a run into the world title picture (as Michael Cole is so fond of reminding us, The Miz is the future of WWE) and Bryan is a star in the making as well.

Giving the belt to Bryan allows him to be established as a player in WWE, while it allows The Miz to focus on the Money in the Bank opportunity he'll be cashing in sometime in the next eight months.

The build for the unification can start in November, when it is announced the titles will be unified at the Royal Rumble in January.

I like the idea of Bryan running with the U.S. Title through the remainder of 2010, clashing with Dolph Ziggler just after the turn of the new year to unify the two belts.

As Ziggler and Bryan begin to clash around Thanksgiving, the heat can really be turned up on the rivalry through Christmas.

As January comes to a close, the rivalry will have reached a breaking point, culminating Jan. 30 at the Royal Rumble.

The man to carry the Intercontinental Title into WrestleMania is Bryan. The fans already know he's a star in the making, and WWE creative shouldn't be afraid to listen to the fans on this one.

Becoming the unified champ can be the launching pad of a major main event push in the second half of 2011 for Daniel Bryan.


WWE/World Heavyweight Title Unification

Before I get into how I would script this storyline, I'll say that I firmly believe the world title unification at WrestleMania will see the WWE Champion, John Cena, take on the World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker.

If this is the case, and WWE would like to abandon its long-term fan base forever, Cena will win. I don't have a whole lot of faith left in WWE creative, but it will be forever lost if they book Cena to end The Streak.

With that being said, I would like to see The Undertaker removed from the world title unification picture.

The Deadman will likely win the belt from Kane by Survivor Series, but dropping it at Royal Rumble after interference by his WrestleMania opponent could set up the challenge of The Streak while getting someone else the World Heavyweight Championship.

The man to cost The Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship? The Miz. If we're not taking The Miz seriously by this winter, making The Miz look like legit competition for The Undertaker heading into WrestleMania will make us take The Miz seriously.

I'd like to see CM Punk return to the top of the WWE world by being the man to benefit from The Miz's interference at Royal Rumble.

Punk has been held back by the Straight Edge Society, and with the seemingly imminent dissolving of that stable, he could re-enter the world title picture this fall and represent SmackDown in the main event at WrestleMania XXVII.

His opponent? The returning Triple H, who takes Sheamus out at Survivor Series and wins the title the following month at the TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs event.

This sets up a Punk-Triple H match-up for WrestleMania. Since the winner of the Royal Rumble gets a title shot at WrestleMania, the winner would likely be entered into the match to make it a Triple Threat Match.

However, this time around, the Royal Rumble match winner would force his hand to take his earned title shot at Elimination Chamber in February. That man, whoever it may be, would lose, keeping Triple H and CM Punk on their WrestleMania collision course.

At the Georgia Dome on Apr. 3, CM Punk would defeat Triple H to become the Unified WWE Champion. The win would establish Punk in the same way winning the Undisputed World Championship established Chris Jericho in late 2001.

Do you like this unification scenario? Who would you like to see compete for the two unified titles? Leave a comment!