2010 Mock Redraft in Progress: Round 12 of 13

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2010

Jermaine Gresham doesn't make it into too many redraft mock drafts ... but was selected in the 12th round of the mock. See what one writer had to say about him.
Jermaine Gresham doesn't make it into too many redraft mock drafts ... but was selected in the 12th round of the mock. See what one writer had to say about him.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Kareem Huggins? Jermaine Gresham? We must be nearing the end of our ongoing 13-round mock redraft at Below is Round 12, with some more signature surprise moves that provide much to debate and discuss.

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12.01 San Diego Chargers (jzak)

True to my defensive drafting strategy post, I waited to the next-to-last round for my defensive unit and drafted a defense that has arguably the easiest schedule this season.

12.02 Roy Williams, DAL WR (ep)

He may not have been able to cut it as a No. 1, but Williams as a No. 3? Sign me up.

12.03 Mark Sanchez (consigliere)

I’ll grab Sanchez here, he should have a pretty good season and will be a great bye week fill in for my team. Normally i would check the bye week and pick a qb that has a favorable match up on the bye week of my ace, but in this case ill take someone who has good weapons and is poised to break out.

12.04 Zach Miller (OAK) (sockonfl)

Zach Miller is a nice dark horse candidate at the tight end position for 2010 with Jason Campbell as his QB. Since Cooley is a little questionable I figured I would add my additional depth here since he was still available.

12.05 Jermaine Gresham (jay-mo)

TEs don’t typically break-out in their rookie year, but Gresham looks to get plenty of targets this season. His blocking will be a concern, but there doesn’t appear to be stiff competition against him for playing time. So far this preseason, Carson Palmer has made an effort to work Gresham into the game. With the tandem of WRs the Bengals have, Gresham should have plenty of room to work the middle and underneath zone defenses.

You never know, if the Bengals catch fire and the Eagles struggle with a new QB, Gresham may end up being the better play than Celek in the final stretches of the fantasy season. That would make this pick a beauty …

12.06 Baltimore Ravens Defense (jzak)

Staying true to my defensive strategy post here.

12.07 New Orleans Saints (speedy)

Arguably the best defense remaining.

12.08 Kareem Huggins (ryder)

Huggins is now the number 2 back on Tampa’s depth chart.He could see some playing time with Williams injury history.

12.09  Nate Kaeding, SDC (krause)

I have faith that the position player I’m looking at will be available in the last round.

Arguably the most consistent kicker in the NFL, Kaeding has amazing accuracy and range. Also San Diego is a second half of the season team. At least I know my kicker will score me some points come playoff time.

12.10 Stephen Gostkowski (consigliere)

I’ll take a kicker here i know its not the best thing to do before the last round but i am sure i can find another position player and i get a jump on the next couple people that are picking.

12.11 Dallas Cowboys defense (ep)

Because I need to pick a defense. Surprised Dallas is still available. Their linebacking corps is loaded with talented playmakers.

12.12 Bernard Berrian (sockonfl)

Might as well take a chance he becomes Favre’s 2010 go to guy with Rice out and Harvin with his headache problems.