The Inevitable 18-1: Who Truely Deserves To Beat The Dead Man at Wrestlemania?

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The Inevitable 18-1: Who Truely Deserves To Beat The Dead Man at Wrestlemania?

 As we all know The Undertaker is not exactly the young dead man anymore. He is about to hang them up and most people are saying he is going to go out at Wrestlemania and end his undefeated streak there. Against who though? Who is actually a worthy enough opponent to beat the Undertaker at WM? I have broke down a list of possible candidates.

  John Cena--I have said it before, I am not a fan of Cena but then again I am not a hater. I respect all the man has done but I really hope Cena is not the one to beat the Deadman. If Taker goes out I think it is only right to have a legend do it. Not so much as a legend like Hogan or Bret Hart but someone who has seen Taker before and can put off one hell of a bang to go out on.

   HHH-- HHH would be a good match although Taker has already beat him at Wrestlemania. Both guys have a long history against each other and while it would be cool to see it again since both are coming to an end I doubt it will happen.

  Goldberg-- If this happens I will stop watching WWE altogether. Goldberg is cool and all but really should not be the one to end the streak.

  The Rock-- This match would be epic. The Rock vs The Undertaker. It would remind me the of Hogan vs Rock match where the crowd cheers both names throughout the match and would be happy with whoever wins. I am not sure that it will happen though but it is cool to think about.

  Kane-- Been there done that. If this were to happen again I can only think that Taker would actually win because Kane would be the heel as he is now.

  19-0-- What if Taker actually wins? I play this in my head perfectly. I see him winning, raising his hand in the air, the dong hits and the lights go out, and he dissapears.


        So who would make a great match with the Undertaker? Anyone of these guys would be good I just hope its not a new guy who will base his career on only beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I personally think he wont lose, what do you guys think?

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