Jeremiah Masoli, Houston Nutt and Ole Miss Get the Shaft from the NCAA

Bohdi SandersContributor IIIAugust 31, 2010

The NCAA ruled Tuesday that Jeremiah Masoli is ineligible to play for Ole Miss during the 2010 football season. This ruling comes just four days before the opening kickoff for the Ole Miss Rebels, a game for which Masoli was expected to get a lot of playing time.

The timing of this ruling is suspicious to say the least. It certainly appears to be meant to send a message concerning players transferring to a different school. Over the years the NCAA has done some despicable things, but this decision ranks right up there with their other disgraceful rulings.

This ruling appears to be more about making an example of Masoli than upholding the NCAA's all-important rules and regulations. If the transfer was against the NCAA rules, then the NCAA should have stated so right from the start. Instead, the ruling powers in this corrupt, yes I said corrupt, institution drug its feet and waited until the last minute to hand down a ruling.

This is the very definition of an unjust ruling. It is utterly ridiculous to give a young man the hope of turning his life and career around, only to snatch it away from him at the very last minute. Once again, the NCAA is running roughshod over another college athlete.

Not only does this ruling deflate the Ole Miss football team, but it is devastating to a young man trying to get his life back on track and do the right thing. Is there anyone who actually thinks that this ruling truly has to do with the NCAA rules? Is the NCAA now in charge of morality as well as randomly dictated rules and regulations?

Ole Miss is appealing the decision, but appeals to the biased powers that be in the NCAA are rarely successful. The appeal will likely be denied and Masoli's college career is most likely over, barring a miracle ruling. Once again, the NCAA has proved that it is not concerned with the welfare of the student athlete, but rather its own power and control.

One has to wonder if the same ruling would have been handed down if Masoli had transferred to Texas, Ohio State, or Notre Dame. Just like most other aspects of life in our country, money and power influence decisions. Maybe Ole Miss just simply did not have the clout needed to appease the NCAA's hurt ego over Masoli's transfer through a loophole in their Divine rule book.

Anyway you slice it, the NCAA gave both Houston Nutt and Jeremiah Masoli the shaft. The excitement surrounding the Ole Miss football team since Masoli's transfer has just been obliterated by one flippant decision. College football is a game where the mind and emotions play a major role, and the NCAA just played the ultimate mind-game on the Rebel team.

The question now is whether the Rebels can use this unfair and completely subjective decision as a motivational tool or whether it will completely deflate this young team. I believe that Stanley can get the job done at quarterback. If the team uses this injustice as a rallying point, the Rebels may end up stronger despite the efforts of the NCAA to make an example of them.

There is a chance that the NCAA will do the right thing and allow Masoli to play. On the other hand, how often have you seen the NCAA do the right thing in such situations? Look what they did to Dez Bryant. Look at what they did to SMU. I wouldn't bet on them doing the right thing this time either. This time it is Ole Miss and Masoli who get stepped on; who will be the next victim of this out-of-control, power-hungry organization?