The Other Side: Title Unification IS A GREAT IDEA.

Chad PortoContributor ISeptember 1, 2010

Scurry away fan boys. 


The WWE NEEDS now more then ever to unify the two biggest titles in it's company.  It needs to unify the tag team titles and it needs to unify the women's title.  As that is already happening, I'm less worried about the direction of the company.


The one thing that has always made me go "HMMM...." about the WWE is their desire to constantly slap the World Title or WWE title on anyone they want.  The fact that their was two world tiles was bad enough, but the fact that in the almost 8 years of separation they've been used right so sparingly is scary.

On one side you have the WWE Championship.  The MOST prestigious title in the WWE.  On the other hand... The World Heavyweight Championship, a much less distinguished title then the WWE Championship, but still equals a world title reign.  Now the World Heavyweight title has always been synonymous with Smackdown for most of the companies tenure into this idea for several reasons.  Despite both belts being held on each brand for about 4 and a half a piece the Blue Brand was always considered inferior.  So anytime a World Title changed hands to a new wrestler it was always the World Heavyweight Championship that transferred hands (sans Sheamus).  The WWE Title though has graced the waists of more first time champions then the other belt as it's been snatched up with JBL, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Edge, Jeff Hardy.  All guys with over ten years of experience in the WWE/WCW with the exception of the Face of WWE, John Cena.


Now the World Heavyweight Title has been used mainly for older "deserving" guys such as Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Booker T, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho.  And while serving as a test run for guys like Punk, Swagger, Orton, Batista, (when he first won it) and The Great Khali.

Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge and Jeff Hardy are the only four guys since 2004 to have won both titles and done so as main eventers.  Batista held the belt twice for 37 total days but anyone could tell tha the was not the same draw he used to be.


So you look at the guys who since 2004 have won both sets of titles, and you start thinking to yourself, the BIG DRAWS always headline and feud with the WWE Title and the under card feuds usually get the World Heavyweight Championship.  Yes THERE ARE occurrences where that is not the case, where the hotter feud is put in the top spot.  But those are rare occurrences, and will eventually go on to make my point.


So since 2004 we have had 28 WWE Title changes and 33 World Heavyweight Championship changes for a grand total of 61 Total changes in the span of a 5 and a half years.  You are looking a roughly a new champion every month or so in the WWE.  How is that going for you?  Raw and Smackdown are hurting in ratings, and the roster while bigger then ever, is also never been so shallow before.


It's sad when you think "who could realistically headline a pay per view" and you have a hard time coming up with 5 names.  Cena, a given.  Orton, pretty much sure fire.  Undertaker, on name a lone.  Edge? You need to have the right angle to make fans want to buy that ppv and he only works with certain individuals, and finally Triple H, who is out again with another long injury sure to take more of his ability away.


Jericho is leaving, but also has never been a big draw.  HBK is retired and not coming back. Hardy jumped to TNA, Batista is in MMA and the current crop of former world champions, Jericho, Punk, Swagger and even WWE Champion Sheamus are about as worthy a top spot as Hornswoggle as Cruiserweight Champion.   And now people want to see Miz, Del Rio and Wade Barrett all hop in too.  What the hell is going on? 


First off, as I said there are only 5 real main eventers in WWE.

- Orton, Cena, Taker, Edge and Trips.


The upper mid card talent is just as bad!

- Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Alberto Del Rio


Then you got your lower to middle mid card guys involving a lot of ex world champs

Matt Hardy, Big Show, Punk, Swagger, Christian, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Ziggler, Miz, The Hart Dynasty and Daniel Bryan


And this isn't a knock or a slam against your favorite wrestler or whatever.  All this is an honest ranking of the WWE and the fans see main event wrestlers. And NO the main eventer does not wrestle fourth on the card for a World Title. That is a MID CARD wrestler i.e. he wrestles on the MIDDLE of the card.  It does not matter if it's a highly touted FEATURED match.  If its not the last match on the card, it is not the main event.


Sure there are people who want to see Miz vs. Orton.  But would you pay for that as the LAST MATCH.  NO! No one would.  Punk and Christian are where they are due to the fact that they are being held back.  Punk is a main event heel and Christian deserves a secondary title run if not a feud with Edge. 


But because of the two world title's the WWE has depleted it's actual crop of headliners like never before.  SAY WHAT YOU WILL,  but the WWE was at it's best when it only had one world title.  That can not be disputed.


In 2000 it was Triple H, Kane, Rock, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Jericho, Benoit, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle all battling after one belt.  Triple H, Rock shared it for most of the  year but it was an intense feud that got fans cooking.  You can actually count the number of times those two went toe to toe since their debuts.  And every time they did, the stake were raised each time.  Edge and Cena?  They had two feuds once in the same year..... why !?!

Orton and Triple H had two world title matches against each the same pay per view!!!


But no the IWC's plan is to "JUST KEEP THROWING GUYS IN THE TITLE PICTURE!"  When the obvious idea should on...improving feuds with guys already in the title picture.  The best way to improve feuds!?  COMBINE the main event rosters!




Again, put your personal feelings aside.  Which one out side of the top 5 stars in the WWE could really get you thinking....hmm...good MAIN EVENT match up...


Cena vs. Punk

Punk vs. Orton

Edge vs. Christian

Undertaker vs. Kane

Undertaker vs. Rey

Cena vs. Rey


All of those matchups could headline a ppv and sell.


Also dont forget

We haven't seen Undertaker v. Cena in about 7 years, Orton vs. Taker in 5, Edge vs. Orton one on one in ever as a main event match,  Triple H vs. Undertaker.


By the time you get through all those match ups? You'll be heading into AT LEAST December of NEXT YEAR.  There is no reason to rush new guys in their so fast.


Sheamus has sputtered as  heel because of the fact he wasn't "credible" to beat Cena, Edge, Jericho or even Triple H while on Raw.  But now the WWE finally figured, you know what...we need to do something different so at first glance they are turning him face...for now.  With him yelling at Edge/Jericho last night for leaving team Raw, and for getting into the match with Nexus the fans really took to that.  Will they ?  I don't know.


And what more besides giving us MARQUEE match ups that we usually don't get to see otherwise, is the ability to replenish the mid card roster.  Ok, you all saw where I put Miz and Daniel Bryan, but lets just say that the world champ is Cena (Raw) and his opponent is from Smackdown (Orton).  Now when you tune in you get to see the MAIN feud the COMPANY feud, the feud that transcends the rosters, which you will need to do to, but also you then center the "SHOW" feud if you will on the "shows" title.  Or int his case the United States Title/aka/Raw Title.  Then you see The Miz and Bryan going at it for the right to be the best champion on the show.


Thus elevating them to a higher level by default.

Also by eliminating a world title you not only reduce the number of new world champs, improving the marquee match up opportunities, but the most important part is by far the reduction of world title reigns.


Cena 9 times, Edge 9, Undertaker 7 (soon to be 8), Triple H 13, Randy Orton 6 times.  That's a lot.  All (save for Taker) look like a lock to reach double digits at this rate.  Why is that a good thing?  For starters in NWA/WCW Sting was a 9 time champ in the WCW era. He's only added 3 more since then in TNA.  Thats 12 for a career that spans over 20 years.   Flair? 17 is his magic number.  Again, over 20+ years.


Cena has done just about 10 in 5 years.  That's just not right.


Men like Flair, Triple H, Sting, Hulk Hogan (12) are elite.  Cena one day will join them.  But when did the day happen when we stopped talking about the first time a guy won the belt?  Orton, Cena, Batista, Punk and Edge have had the most memorable title wins in the last 6 years.  Sheamus' was criticized from the get go, Swaggers was crapped all over and was very boring.  Hell with out even looking I cant remember who he beat !  That's the sad state of the matter.


WWE needs to reinvest in One title one company.


If the company had the talent it did in 2002, different story, and not to insult the different era's, 2002 was just an anomaly.  It was a period in time that saw legends come back and new guys on the cusp of main eventing.  Perfect mixture.

That will not happen again anytime soon, so to have two world titles when the rosters no longer support it, makes no sense.



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