Outsider Report: A Look At Whats Going On Around Sports part 2

michael hellerCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2008

Hi, we’ve had a lot of interesting events going on in sports lately. I’m going to try to do my best to cover them as best as I can the good, the bad, and the ugly.

·         I’ll get the inevitable Brett Farve issue out of the way first. Now that it looks like the Packers will trade him (at the moment, anyway) I can’t help but notice the lack of interest. He would be a great fit for a number of teams, including my Jets, but also the Bears, Vikings, Ravens, Buccaneers, Chargers, and yes, the Packers. I think a third round pick is a reasonable price for a legendary quarterback that still has some gas left in the tank.

·         Watching team U.S.A struggle against an Australian team that didn’t even have its best player (Andrew Bogut) I’m having trouble seeing the U.S. bring home the gold. I guess when David Stern envisioned global expansion of basketball; he didn’t see the death of American dominance of the sport. We MIGHT have a chance if we focus on winning games instead of trying to do trick dunks and ally-oops every play. If not, the redeem team will become the redoom team.

·         Sticking to basketball, rumors of LeBron bolting for Europe in 2010 have begun to surface. Mark my words, if this happens, it will be the death of the NBA. More players will follow because LeBron because he is an icon. Also, the $50 million dollars he’s looking for is not as outrageous as it seems because it would not just be to get LeBron but what it represents, which would be making Europe not just relevant in Basketball, but as good as or better than the NBA.

·         The Red Sox had no way to win the Manny situation. If they kept him, they’re locker room would be a mess. If they traded him, they would lose a productive hitter. Ultimately, I think that they would be better off keeping him and hoping Manny would decide to be on his best behavior. However, they got an underrated hitter in Jason Bay who I believe will shine in his first playoff race. Still he’s no Manny…

·         Bad news for the Mets, we just lost Billy Wagner. I was worried about this, which is why I wanted them to get a closer/setup man at the deadline like Hudson Street or Brian Fuentes. They barely closed out the game last night against the woeful hitting Padres. Here’s to a speedy recovery Billy.

·         Steve Smith didn’t just hurt his teammate Ken Lucas in his recent brawl, he hurt every fantasy owner who drafted him with a high pick (Luckily for me, I didn’t select him.) On the topic of brawls, I agree that the recent Brewer Brawl (wow try saying that five times fast!) was no big deal. These things happen all the time.


Well that’s the News. Any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to post below.