Ranking The BCS Conferences By Position (Running Backs)

Brian HoodAnalyst IAugust 5, 2008

Continuing my project of ranking the BCS conferences by their units, I move on to the running back position.  There has been a trend formed in both the NFL and in the college ranks with teams employing more than just one feature back in their attack.  Unless it is obvious to me that a team has two "equal" backs, I will simply list the top individual running backs and not a team's batch of backs.  Again, I will actuate a star system to better illustrate my decision on where these conferences rank.  Any running back not on here received a two star or less and did not cut it for me.  I give you my conference ranking based on the strength of their running backs:


1. BIG 10

2. SEC


4. BIG 12

5. ACC

6. PAC 10

BIG 10:

5 Star: Chris "Beanie" Wells(Ohio St.)

4 Star: Javon Ringer(Michigan St.), PJ Hill(Wisconsin)

3 Star: Tyrell Sutton(Northwestern), Evan Royster(Penn St.)


5 Star: Knowshon Moreno(Georgia)

4 Star: Arian Foster(Tennessee)

3 Star: Anthony Dixon(Miss St.), Keiland Williams(LSU), Terry Grant(Alabama),

Ben Tate/Brad Lester(Auburn)


5 Star: Lesean McCoy(Pittsburgh)

4 Star: Noel Devine(W. Virginia)

3 Star: Mike Ford(S. Florida), Andre Dixon/Donald Brown(UCONN)

BIG 12:

5 Star: None

4 Star: Demarco Murray(Oklahoma), Marlon Lucky(Nebraska)

3 Star: Mike Goodson/Lane(Tex A&M), Darrell Scott(Colorado), Jake Sharp(Kansas)


5 Star: None

4 Star: CJ Spiller/James Davis(Clemson)

3 Star: Josh Adams(W Forest), Jon Dwyer(Ga Tech), Graig Cooper/J. James(Miami)

PAC 10:

5 Star: None

4 Star: Joe McNight/Stafon Johnson(USC)

3 Star: Jeremiah Johnson(Oregon), Keegan Herring(AZ St.), Jahvid Best(California)

--Looking at the Big 10, I think they have the best collection "cream of the crop" backs.  They might be a little top heavy but those top guys are exceptional.  The SEC, in my mind, has the deepest set of running back in the country and, led by Moreno, garners the number two spot.  Where it got difficult to rank was at the number three position. I believe you could argue either the Big East or the Big 12 for this spot, however I gave it to the Big East.  Game changers best describe McCoy and Devine as these two backs are dynamic and yet haven't even reached their potential yet.  The Big East also is deep with talented backs.  I think what hurts the Big 12 is their teams' penchant for throwing the ball more and more.  I believe their back's have fallen off a little but more than anything they cannot showcase their talent as much with the ever decreasing running attacks in the Big 12.  The ACC is basically a two man show with both running backs coming from the same team.  Above average backs behind them are vast in numbers but nobody jumps out at you.  And finally the Pac 10.  A down year for them here as well.  The potential is there for the USC tandem as well as Best out of California but the league lost some good ones last year. 

Any thoughts?

My next position to disect will be Wide Receiver.  Thanks for reading.