Carp Fishing with the Hair Rig

Jess KContributor IIIAugust 24, 2010

DUNSANY, CO MEATH - AUGUST 03:  Rosie Jones of the USA the US Team Captain competing hard in teh fly fishing challenge after the captain's photocall as a preview for the 2011 Solheim Cup at Killeen Castle on August 3, 2010 in Dunsany, Co Meath, Ireland.  (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
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In the past few years carp fishing has become a rather popular pastime. Even carp fishing rigs have evolved, changing with the times and improving with the help of technology.

Because of this, carp fishermen are more able now to catch more fish than ever before. It's no surprise that they want some pictures to prove it, too!

Some carp fishermen who make their catch in the dark want the opportunity to get a great picture of their fish in the daylight. In order to do this, they sack their carp. This is where they put the carp into a sack and tie it up to the shore.

The carp is able to swim in the water at the edge of the lake while inside his sack until a picture can be taken the next morning. Aside from the usual fishing gear like fishing reels, pictures can be very important!

Another carp fishing term not everyone is familiar with is a hair rig. While there are plenty of different kinds of carp rigs, a hair rig is a tiny loop that is situated just underneath the hook.

This allows the bait to hang freely underneath the hook. Once a carp has taken the bait, they won't even be able to feel or see the hook. Suddenly, it is caught and the carp is all yours.

With that in mind, you may be curious as to how the bait or boilie is then attached with the use of the hair rig. Since a boilie is around the same shape and size as a marble, it can be drilled with the use of a boilie punch. A hair is then threaded through the newly drilled hole.

The only thing left to do is to be sure that the boilie stays put on the hair by attaching a boilie stop through the same drilled hole. The bait can then be pushed down onto the bait stop so that it will not come loose. That's all it takes!

A boilie stop is a rather small, simple piece of plastic or even something as easy to find as a blade of grass. This is used to prevent the bait from falling off of the hair rig. With this simple little additional feature, you can easily cast out your bait as far as 150 yards without it falling off. Not bad for a simple blade of grass.

Make sure to catch up on your carp fishing tips to keep on top of the knowledge that will make your next trip a success.