Top 10 NHL Enforcers of All Time: No. 4 Dave Brown

Rob WebbAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

The number-four spot is going to be held by Dave Brown, one of the most feared players in NHL history.


The native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was a respected enforcer who spent most of his career in Philadelphia playing for the Flyers.


Brown did not have a great scoring touch, like some of the other enforcers on my list had.


With 729 NHL games, he only had 97 points, but had 1789 minutes in penalties. A lot of those penalty minutes were from fighting majors—he had 186 FMs over the course of his career.


As stated earlier, Dave spent most of his career in Philadelphia. From 1982 to 1988 he was with the Flyers, but then was traded to the Oilers. He spent two and a half years in Edmonton, helping the Oilers win a Cup. He was then traded back to Philly for four years. Dave spent one year with the San Jose Sharks before retiring in 1996.


Brown, like every other enforcer, had a mean streak to him. Some people will probably remember the dirty cross-check he threw at New York Rangers forward Thomas Sandstrom, which broke Sandstrom's jaw and gave him a nasty concussion. Dave received 15 games for the cheap shot, which at the time was one of the largest suspensions ever given out.


An enforcer always has other enforcers to have great feuds with. Some of Brown’s great battles were with other tough guys such as Jay Caufield, Shawn Cronin, Stu Grimson, Tim Hunter, Chris Nilan, and Jay Miller.


The feud with Miller was, in my opinion, the best. All of their nine fights were great slugfests, except for one in which they lost balance early in the fight.


Dave Brown will always be remembered as a great enforcer, especially by all the Flyers’ fans—and that, to me, earns him a spot on this list. 



Note: This is part six of a ten-part series.