Best of the Rest in NBA Free Agency

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IAugust 4, 2008

With free agents like Elton Brand and Baron Davis making their movement this summer heard, there are a number of other free agents who are still waiting to sign.

Josh Smith and Ben Gordon are clearly the two most talented free agents right now, but their situations are a mess. The best of the rest are on the market and can make an impact for any NBA team.

JR Smith SG—Smith was drafted by the Hornets and moved to the Nuggets because of his troublesome personality, but the 22-year-old has matured since coming out of high school.

Smith is a player that can give any team 15 points and at least three  3-pointers a game, while shooting over 40 percent outside the arc. Those are numbers any team would like. He is starting to live up to his expectations.

He is a restricted free agent and the Nuggets can match any offer given to him. The Nuggets will match any reasonable offer because by trading Marcus Camby, they created some free cap space.

The only way I see Smith moving to another team is with a sign and trade. The teams interested are the Hornets, Spurs, and Cavaliers. I predict Smith will end up in Cleveland.

The Cavs needs another wing man and potential star next to LeBron. Smith is a player who can spread the floor and has great athleticism to get to the basketball.

A trade scenario would be a sign and trade with Smith for Anderson Verajao. The Cavs want to look to trade Verajao since they got Joe Smith and rookie JJ Hickson backing up Ben Wallace and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

The Nuggets in return would get a hustle player who can play defense. They got rid of Camby and would use a defensive presence with Verajao who can also spark the bench.

Jannero Pargo PG—How come there has been no love for Pargo? He was as good as a back up any team could want. He is a unrestricted free agent who can sign any where, but no one has jumped out for him.

He is one of the fastest players in the league with the ball and a scoring point guard. A team I would like him to go to is the Miami Heat, but so far no offers have been made for him.

Pargo may just have to stick to being a backup to Chris Paul next season.

Delonte West PG/SG—The restricted free agent is having the Cavs play hardball with him. He was the most effective player in the 11 man blockbuster deal made last season and really showed up in the playoffs.

Since college, West has been underestimated for his abilities. He can score and be a contributor on any team. It would be embarrassing for the Cavs to not keep West.

West wants the money Daniel Gibson earned, but the Cavs are being careful on how much they spend because in 2010, LeBron is a free agent.

They are waiting for someone to offer him a deal so they can match it. That may take a while and is not fair to West. West stated before that he really is not greatly excited to play with LeBron, which is why he would not mind leaving.

Miami would be another good fit for West. He is the type of player who can take pressure off Wade and be an effective passer and scorer. With Mario Chalmers and Marcus Banks rising in Miami, West may find himself left out.

I see Cleveland giving him a one year deal so West can be a unrestricted free agent next season.

Shaun Livingston PG—Livingston is the most interesting free agent on the market. He was really showing promise coming out of high school before his almost career-ending knee injury he had while playing for the Clippers.

No one is sure how healthy he really is after sitting out a year. His knee bent in ways it was not supposed to bend. Any GM would be worried to sign him, but he still deserves a chance.

The teams who have at least expressed some interest are the Clippers in re-signing him, the Nuggets, 76ers, and the Heat.

I see Livingston re-building his career with the Nuggets. They need a perimeter defender and Livingston was a effective defender when healthy. This is a place for second chances, as they did with JR Smith. This is why Livingston will be playing in Denver.

Robert Horry—Big shot Bob has always been on the right team at the right time and now it looks like the Spurs have moved on from him.

The best scenario I see happening is Horry returning to where he started it all in Houston. He has seven rings and looks to join a championship team. With the addition of Ron Artest, the Rockets have to be a favorite to win in the West.

Another scenario is Horry going to Boston to replace James Posey, but a better scenario is ending his career where he started it.

Jason Williams PG—No team has been loving the White Chocolate, who has been a solid player past couple of seasons after winning the title with Miami.

Shaq recently expressed interest in getting reunited with Williams, which is why Phoenix is the best place for him. They need a backup point guard behind Steve Nash and Williams can do just that, as he is a poor man's Nash.

Williams lost some of his flare, but he got it back after hurt last season. The Suns are looking at next season as all or nothing, which is why they need the veteran.

There are many free agents on the market, but Smith, Pargo, West, Livingston, Horry, and Williams are the best of the rest. They can all make an impact for any team on their rebuilding process or if their looking to make a run at a title.

Either they get contract deals or they will do the more popular thing and go overseas.