WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: The Reign Of Adamle Begins!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IAugust 3, 2008

Last week's Monday Night RAW ended with people thinking " What the f#$@". The full house crowd in attendance were shocked and silenced, and the millions watching at home were stunned.

When Shane McMahon came out to announce the name of RAW's new General Manager, who would of thought the name coming out of his mouth would be... Mike Adamle!

As RAW rolls into Knoxville, Tenn., the Mike Adamle reign will begin!

What kind of mood will the locker room and staff be tomorrow with a new man in charge? How will Adamle take on his new role as G.M?

GM Adamle already made his first big splash last week announcing for the first time ever, John Cena will face Batista one on one, at Summerslam! This will no doubt be a clash of two of the biggest stars in the WWE today. Both multiple time WWE/World champions, and both hungry for much gold.

Despite their match at Summerslam, their will have to keep their emotions in check when both of them face the World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in tomorrow's main event. Can Cena and Batista trust each other enough to compete against the Tag Team Champions? Or will things blow over?

The new G.M also has to figure out who will be facing World Champion CM Punk at Summerslam. Over the last few weeks, JBL has been making a name for himself, and thinks he deserves a shot at Punk. But there's no doubt a certain monster thinks otherwise.

Kane is also one of the men gunning for CM Punk. Just last week, we saw Chris Jericho saying that he wants a shot at the World Champion.  How will Adamle decide?

Speaking of Chris Jericho, on RAW, we will finally see the man Jericho presumably ended his pro-wrestling career. Shawn Michaels will make his first appearance since his match against Jericho at The Great American Bash.

Is the career of HBK really over? What kind of condition Michaels will be in? You better believe Chris Jericho will keeping an eye on things (no pun intended).

Finally, what's going to happen next with RAW's latest hot couple. Even though they hate to admit it, there's no doubt something between Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. Will things evolve tomorrow?  

(Writer's note: First Maria, now Beth Phoenix! Goodness, it MUST be the Italian!)

All this and so much more as the Adamle-Era begins. What will happen with him in charge? No doubt things will be "Jamaican Us Crazy"!

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