Sunday Afternoon Quarterback: Who Wants to Be the FBS Champion this Year?

David WilliamsSenior Analyst IDecember 2, 2007

I can imagine that over the next few days we'll see hundreds of articles about how the BCS is the most terrible system ever, and how there needs to be a 16-team or eight-team playoff in the future.

I've even seen posts on message boards arguing that the BCS is the devil or that it caused World War I.

Although I might not go that far, I agree that the postseason system needs to be changed. 


But that won't be a reality this year and there are several other important storylines going on right now. 

While a playoff seems necessary, it won't happen for at least another year.  So let's focus on this season, where the most important question of all is: Who the heck wants to be the #1 team in the country?  It looks like the only team that fulfills that requirement is Hawai'i and, well...that's nice for them.

With this weekend's developments—both the #1 and #2 teams lost again—figuring out who is going to the BCS championship game will certainly be interesting.  

But let me just say that for this weekend, the people of Norman, Oklahoma and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania became this Ohio State fan's best friends.

After getting an incredible Thanksgiving feast from Darren McFadden and Arkansas when they upset LSU a week ago, I was looking for a little more luck this weekend.  Let's just say I was looking for an early Christmas present. the idle 11-1 Ohio State Buckeyes sitting pretty at #3 in the BCS poll, all I needed for the Buckeyes to reach the BCS National Championship was West Virginia losing to Pittsburgh in the Backyard Brawl or Missouri losing to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game.

Well, I certainly got my wish – and even more than I'd asked for.

I'd all but written off the West Virginia-Pitt game after the Mountaineers put up 66 points on the then-ranked Connecticut Huskies last weekend.  I figured the combination of West Virginia's offensive dominance and Pitt's defensive ineptitude along with the enigmatic, mustachioed Dave Wannstedt would lead to a Mountaineers blowout. 

Junior quarterback Pat White seemed determined to lead his team to the national title and make his own claim for the Heisman trophy.  And in addition to that, Pitt had lost seven out of its past nine games.  But as we've seen over the past couple of seasons, the Mountaineers have folded under the pressure at the end of the season.  Just this year, no one expected it.

After the game, Mountaineers Head Coach Rich Rodriguez called their offensive performance one of the worst he'd seen ever.  Well, when you're the #2 team in the country and a lock to play for a national championship if you win one final game, you would serve your best interests to not play sluggishly.

With the Pitt upset of West Virginia, I got my early Christmas present, so OSU would be playing Mizzou for the national championship—or so I thought.

I turned to ABC to see Oklahoma up 28-14 with complete control of the game.  The rest of this game never seemed all that close.  Missouri senior quarterback Chase Daniel put forth a valiant effort, but in the end, Oklahoma proved for the second time this season that they are better than the Tigers.

Icon Sports MediaI was in shock, disbelief.  The #1 and #2 teams in the country lost….again.  Just when I thought this season couldn't get any stranger or more exciting, it did.

A week ago, several writers griped and complained that West Virginia and Missouri wouldn't be the most desirable championship game.  Some even said they were undeserving of such high acclaim and that more prestigious teams with tougher schedules should have a chance to play—hence the excess of playoff proposals over the past week or two.


But regardless of whether I agree with their , the critics were vindicated.  Once again, big-time programs will be playing in the title game.  Whether it is USC, LSU, Georgia, or Oklahoma playing Ohio State, we should see some pretty high ratings.

The television stations will be happy, but the college football purists are so angry at the BCS that they'll want to make the "blood come out they mouth."

As for me, I thought this season was one of the most exciting in years, chock-full of drama and excitement.  What other season could you see teams like Kansas, South Florida, or Hawai'i rise to the top?  What other season could you see superheroes emerge in Darren McFadden and Tim Tebow?  What other season could you see Notre Dame go 3-9?!

Listen, I know there's a lot wrong with the system and we can talk about that—after the season when changes might be made.  But for now, we should deal with the reality that the BCS will decide the national champion this year.  And I'll tell you for one thing, we should appreciate the season for what it was—truly one of a kind.

But honestly, I'm probably saying all of this just because my team ended up on top and in the championship game.  Can't complain too much about that. 


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Arizona tried to simulate loud crowd noise prior to its rivalry game at Arizona State by blasting Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight."  As Arizona found out, listening to Phil Collins doesn't translate to victories.

Tennessee may have lost to LSU, but remember, they have tradition—Fiddlin' on the Roof-style.

William Hung re-emerged from hiding as he performed at the University of Washington for its last regular season home game against Cal. 

Last year West Virginia destroyed Pitt in the Backyard Brawl and Pat White was taped mocking the Panther growl.  But he was probably just making his cat-call toward his favorite sports announcer, Erin Andrews. 

Fans at West Virginia bust out some impressive poetry prior to its game versus Pitt.  Too bad Rich Rodriguez doesn't like poetry.