Let's Take a Look Back at the 2008 Cleveland Indian's Monthly Record.

Bob SalyerCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

With it being the end of July, let's look back at the Tribe's record for each month:

APRIL: 13 WINS - 15 LOSSES - Wedge said things like, "It is early, we will be OK. There are 5 months in the season and when it gets warmer our guys will start hitting. Don't get excited, we are fine. These guys will get it in gear anytime now. We have all the confidence in the world that this team is going to be OK."

MAY: 12 WINS - 15 LOSSES - Wedge said things like, "It is still early, I see this team making progress each day and we are close to being where we need to be" and "this team is working hard with Shelton and the bats are going to be strong for us". Last part of May, put Hafner on the Disabled List.

JUNE: 12 WINS - 16 LOSSES - Wedge said things like, "We still have time to turn this ship around and I can see we are getting closer each day." And they finally admitted that Hafner & Martinez are not in condition to hit like they should and have them go on the DL. Westbrook went on the D.L. and then Carmona later on.

JULY: 10 WINS - 14 LOSSES - Wedge starting saying things like, "We just have to try and do our best with all the injuries we have. We HAVE to play a lot of young guys and we have gotten a bad break". Sad thing is that Shapiro believes this too. After saying that "Borowski will be just fine and when he comes back, the bullpen will straighten itself out", Borowski was reluctantly released. Did you notice that not one team made an attempt to sign him? ON 7/7/08-Shapiro and Wedge officially gave up hope and traded CC Sabathia for 4 minor league players. 7/26/08-Traded Blake for 2 minor league players.

Notice a trend each month? April-2 games below .500, May-3 games below .500, June-4 games below .500, July-4 games below .500. RESULT IS 13 GAMES BELOW .500.

I have my own thoughts but what are your thoughts about this team's performance?