Canucks Will Not Be Cup Contenders, Sundin or None

Ryan PowellCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

With Thursday's signing of Antoine Vermette by the Ottawa Senators, the Vancouver Canucks have found themselves in a very interesting position.

Vermette seemed to be GM Mike Gillis's answer to a rejected offer from Mats Sundin.

Why the team has put so much money on the table for Sundin is beyond anything that is sane in the hockey world. Mats Sundin has failed to lead his team to the next level for the past 11 seasons as captain.

Though he is beloved by many Leaf fans, the captaincy should have been passed on seasons ago. You never see a coach last that long behind the bench if they are not putting up desired results.

By desired results I mean winning the cup; many coaches get fired even with winning records (like Ron Wilson of San Jose).

The Canucks seem to be thinking that a player who has never been able to lift his team to the next level will be the answer to all their problems.

This raises the question: Why didn't they sign Naslund for 10 million per year?

Even if Sundin does sign with the Canucks, the question marks still remain with the performance of the rest of the team. If he is moving from one underachieving team to another, without the ability to motivate his teammates, then this seems like a recipe for disaster.

Come spring, no other team is going to help your team free up $10 million in cap space.

Pavol Demitra will look like a better signing if Mats does sign with the Canucks. They will be chasing eighth place with a first-round playoff exit at best.

Without a Mats Sundin signing the Canucks will be chasing the first pick in next year's entry draft.

The new owners of the Canucks have said they want the cup now. For Mike Gillis it looks like his days as the Canucks GM are numbered before the season has even started.