A Philly Cheesesteak for Oswalt and Myself

Diana HolomanCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

Hello on this wonderful Thursday! I started my day off with the most random play list on the way to work, but it put me in the most wonderful mood!

1. James Taylor- Carolina In My Mind ( I worship James Taylor, not really, but you get the picture. He rocks in every sense of the word!)

2. Jamie Fox and Justin Timberlake- Winner (Makes me want to pound the pavement .. which seldom happens anymore now that I sit and write blogs, stories, and papers all day everyday!)

3. Bob Marley - Stir it up (Nostalgia starts to set in. Thinking about beach week '10 ... which I know you guys are praying I don't go off on a long tangent like last time .. so I will spare you)

4. Ray Lamontagne- Best Thing ( Song that describes my sweet boyfriend , love that boy!)

Anyway, I had to share the top 5 things in sports that made me smile today:

1. Although my boyfriend Brian and all of his fellow Houstonians are going to be UBER upset, it is official! Oswalt is finally getting what he wanted, a first class ticket out of Houston. It was announced today that Oswalt waives his no-trade clause to play for Philadelphia! Oswalt said he is going to be pitching for the Phillies on Friday! He was quoted as saying "I loved my time in Houston, but felt it was time to make a change" haha , really Oswalt? Like ANYONE was under the impression that you didn't think it was time to make a change. You whined like a baby to get out of Houston. Hey, I can't blame you, but just sayin'....I had to smile when he got traded .. because i thought of a tweet from @oatesspecialty that said "if Oswalt gets traded my world will be turned upside down." Strangely enough, when I went to his apartment this afternoon his world was right side up and the sun was still shining!
2. A-rod hasn't hit his 600th homer yet. Whatcha waiting on buddy? Maybe if you took a moment to stop dating every single Blondie in hollywood ... Madonna, Kate Hudson, and now Cameron Diaz ... you could go yard one more time! I couldn't help but smile when I was watching a segment on A-ROD not hitting his 600th vs Cleveland and then on my computer, a gossip site posted this picture in a story that did not have one word to do with baseball.

A-rod, you bug the balls outta me! You apparently dumped Kate Hudson because she was too much of a distraction ... so what makes you think Cameron wouldn't be? Hmmmmm .... athlete or celebrity, which do you prefer to be Alex? I say hit 600 asap or give Diaz the ole' heave hoe!
3. I smiled today when my Orioles finally got a new manager. ESPN Analyst Buck Showalter will be their next manager. His record is 882-833 with his 3 ML team, but hey ...a winning record is a winning record, and I say that we should get whatever we can get at this point. Showalter, 54, apparently has a reputation for having a "sharp baseball mind". I woulda thought all managers were supposed to possess that, but hey .. if Showalter has it and other don't , then I will take it. Bottom line, its time to stop saying "the Orioles are just young"... well thats bull... the Orioles are sucking majorly and have been for a while and its time to get someone in here that can turn this program around. I miss Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripkin .... Okay fine, I am too young to remember either one of them playing, but my grandparents who bleed orange and black always say that and so I will copy them and say it too! Sue me!

4. I smiled when Bob "Huggy Bear" Huggins was released from the hospital today after breaking 7 ribs. Let me tell ya, I have heard that breaking ribs is one of the most painful things out there. All you can do is sit and wait around for them to heal. I have a had a new found respect and love for Huggy B ever since the Da'Sean Butler injury in the 2010 NCAA tournament.

I admit it, I cried, however, if you know me ... you know that I always cry!

5. Okay last one , promise! I smiled today when I remembered that Kiffin is being sued by the Tennessee Titans for "maliciously" luring away assistant coach Kenny Pola a week before training camp opened. BAAHAHA , whattttt? What does "malicious" mean, exactly? Does it mean that Kiffin said that he was going to steal all of Pola's lunch money if he didn't leave the Titans? Okay for all the smartie pants' out there, I realize that he didn't follow the rules in getting the coach. I just think its hilarious how they worded why they were suing him.

And finally some sad news. Strasburg was placed on the 15-day DL! Why can't the good guys ever stay healthy? He has inflammation in his throwing shoulder according to Strasburg the are "obviously" taking every precaution with him. Washington manager Jim Riggleman said that if "He's 90 percent healthy, we shut him down." Ya can't blame Riggleman! If you had a $15.1 milion dollar prize pony, would you race him if he had pain in his hoof? Prob not!

In fashion news today , I have officially found the shirt that I prommmmmmmmise I will work out in if someone finds it for me! It is sold out at Champs and at the Nike store. Can anyone find this piece of Nike clothing that I am dying to own?

And last but certainly not least I wanted to open the floor up for a little bit of discussion! There is so much hoooopflaaaaa in the sneaker industry now a days about shoes that shape your booty and strengthen your calves. Okay, yes ... I bought some of these shoes. I didn't go completely fashion illiterate on everyone, don't worry I do have a love for shoes remember, and get the Sketcher shape ups! I got the Reebok easy tones in Pink, and I honestly cannot tell if they work or not because every time I work out I am sore, however, I can't tell if that's because I am working out hard or because of my new 100 dollar tennis shoes? Now my boyfriend went completely amphibian on everyone and got the Vibram's. What are Vibram's? They are shoes that have a slot for each individual toe and apparently help to strengthen feet, calves etc by causing you to run as if you are bare foot. Look at these things? I can't help but blush in the gym when my boyfriend is running on the treadmill because everyone is look at him like he is Kermit the frog. But at the end of the day, I can't really say anything to Brian. Why? Because as much as I hate those darn shoes and the way they look, if they are the reason why my boyfriend as such an impeccable bodddd ..... I love them with all my heart. So I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationship with these shoes! The picture at the top of this blog is of us working out at the beach! I am rocking my Easy Tones and he is rocking the Ribbbbetttttt Vibram's Ribbbbetttttt!

My last thought of the day is :

"Humor is like a rubber sword, it allows you to make a point without drawing blood." -Unknown

Thanks! And as always, if she's on the sidelines wearing fantastic shoes, it's probably me!

-Sports and Stilettos