Why Randy Orton Needs The WWE Title At SummerSlam

Atobe KeigoContributor IIJuly 29, 2010

At SummerSlam our WWE Champion Sheamus will be challenged for his title by “The Viper” himself, Randy Orton. I know that I’m not the first to write about this and I probably will not be the last but I am here to tell that Randy Orton does not just deserve the title back but needs it.

 For nearly a year now Randy Orton has not been the WWE Champion and has lost nearly all his PPV matches since his last title run his current win-loss-draw record at PPV’s is 2-6-1. He has jobbed both to Jack Swagger and Sheamus, some might say that they needed the credibility of beating a main eventer. But what I’m saying is that the way Randy Orton has been shown since his tweener/face turn has been absolutely weak.

 When Randy Orton was a heel he was dominating Raw as WWE Champion 3 times in one year. He beat Triple H and John Cena and anyone else who got in his way. But ever since Sheamus came Randy Orton has been pushed aside. I mean come on, he main-evented Wrestlemania with Triple H at its 25th anniversary. Fast forward one year and he is the second match on the card against two people who have nearly no experience in singles competition. I don’t know if he did something wrong backstage or made Vince McMahon mad but he has seriously been shown weak at big matches.

 People might say that Sheamus needs it more because he needs to beat a main event caliber superstar cleanly so he completes his gimmick as the Irish wrecking ball who destroys everyone who gets in his way. But I say Randy Orton has just been bringing up stars like his opponent at SummerSlam because they fought once at the Royal Rumble. You could say that he lost by disqualification but at the end of the match it was Randy Orton who got Brogue kicked.

 Well that sums up my article and this huge rant so do you have any thoughts if Randy Orton should or should not I n the WWE Title.