The Play That Spells The San Francisco Giants

kevin recinosCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

Tonight, July 30th, the San Francisco Giants played the game that tells fans exactly what the thoughts of the players, management, and the manager are. We don't give a damn. The Giants finished a 3 game set with the Los Angeles Dodgers at Chavez Ravine tonight in LA, and were shutout for the 22nd and a third inning in a row. In game two, they were shutout by a no name pitcher. In game three, they were shutout by Chad Billingsley, a pitcher with more recognition to baseball fans as a 24 year old kid with a good looking future. Let's start here. The Giants could not get a runner past 2nd base in game three until the 9th inning, and in the 2nd game, they only got 2 runners past 2nd. This in itself is atrocious. And this "really good pitching!" almost lost game 1 of the set. If you want to go back further, this bullpen (cough TYLER WALKER cough. you know the guy who they released, went to the devil rays, was released by them, and then was brought back for the setup role!) gave up a game that would've made RHP Tim Lincecum almost a sure lock at the Cy Young. But more on that later. The play in game 3 that was literally the story of the year for the Giants, but furthermore what the guys on the team think of this year, was the way the final out was recorded. With 2 outs, and Jose Castillo on 2nd, Randy Winn singled to Andre Ethier. Castillo was given the signal to try to score. Ok stop here. WHY! Why would you send a guy, when you could have two runners on when you're down by 4! So 4-1 is better than a chance to tie! Oh and then, he gets gunned down at the plate! On the broadcast, Jon Miller didn't even speak for several seconds, a sign as to what he's thinking about this team. What the hell is going on here. If as to be an accent to the moral loss, Randy Newman's "I Love LA" played in the background too. (it is a great song, though, even if the Dodgers and Lakers do use it.) This team is a farce, and it doesn't even seem to be going in the right direction. And it all starts at the top: Bruce Bochy.

    Yes, I'm calling out Bruce Bochy, the man who can say "Sanchy" over 20 times in an hour. This is the same man who said that he had broken the news to Omar Vizquel that he'd be playing less so that the young guys can get some time. How much time has Omar spent out of the lineup with his sub .200 average? Zilch. Goose eggs. Nil. None. He continues to trot out the old guys like Roberts, Omar, Jose Castillo, and Rich Aurillia, when the time would be better spent looking at the sub-par prospects, and lets face it few if any of these guys will pan out. If Ray Durham leaving was meant to open the door for Jose Castillo, then why the hell would you move him. You were better off with Ray than Jose. He doesn't play the young guys, he's sending players in the 9th inning home when their contribution would only be a fourth of what is necessary. If this were not enough, then look at Saturday's matchup of Lincecum vs. Webb. Lincecum was taken out of the 7th inning, when he's only pitched 112 pitches, and had 13 K's, and hit 98 on the gun the best he had of the night. He put in Tyler Walker into the game instead of a Sergio Romo who at this stage in his career is better than Walker. The loss must be put on Bochy and nobody else. To his defense, the GM of the Giants isn't much better either, putting out a lineup at the ballpark that will probably be out homered by Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, and Chase Utley and Ryan Braun all by themselves individually. Coming into the game against the Dodgers, no player had more than 10 home runs, and Matt Cain accounted for 2 of the 15+ home runs. When your pitcher is providing the only offense he will get the entire day, and he's forced to throw a shutout to even have a CHANCE to win the game, it's sad for them and it's sad for the fans who have to keep marching out to beautiful AT & T Park to watch this garbage. Bochy and Sabean have to go, if anyone in that front office has the balls to do it. I may sound bitter, but all I want is to hear Kruk & Kuip stop saying "July was a bad hitting month for us, August will be much better", when really it'll be just as bad, if not worse. I want the Giants to return to 2002 form, when they were winning the pennant and had all of the pieces necessary to win a title. To hear Jon Miller not be on RSPN or ESPN radio calling a game, and instead being on KNBR yelling, "The Giants have won the pennant!" and Kruk, Kuip, and Dave Flemming freaking out in the background. Under this management and this management style, those days won't be back until they have retired, and yours truly's time on this earth is up.