Do Something Right? No, Stop Doing Things Wrong

Quinn GammonCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2010

See the image associated with this article?

That is the only thing that Vince McMahon is doing right these days.

That's right. I said it. Vinnie Mac has officially lost his marbles. This isn't news to most wrestling fans. It's not even news to myself. In the long hiatus I've taken from Bleacher Report, I've sat by quietly and observed.

I've observed the fact that TNA Wrestling is now a permanently damaged product name with little to no chance of making any kind of recovery. I've observed the fact that Dixie Carter is a no-nothing figurehead who clearly has no intention of following through on any of the goals she sets for her company.

I've observed the fact that Vince McMahon has deemed the women's division an official waste of space. Cheap filler in between commercials, also known in various circles as a bathroom break. The most glaring example is seeing that a Diva's championship match is given literally, one minute of TV time on Monday Night RAW.

That's right. Several weeks ago on RAW , Eve Torres invoked her rematch clause against Alicia Fox. The entrances began at roughly 10:26 and the match was over at 10:27.

Are you serious ?

This is what professional wrestling has become? A low-budget, second-rate promotion, cheaply riding shotgun on its "competitor's" coattails? The same second-rate promotion trying to save itself by reigniting the legacy of a dead cult company that already had it's "rebirth" in 2005 at One Night Stand?

A monopoly of the sports-entertainment industry that bans knife-edge chops and the use of gloves? The same monopoly that has reduced it's women's division to 60-second title matches?

I'm not speaking from the point of one of the Star Trek geek IWC nerds right now. These are the same people that spam sites like and , blasting the forums with ridiculous garbage like "Michael Cole is taking cheap shots at JR" or "Lawler gave away Cena's heel turn with his commentary on RAW last night."

Gimme a break.

I'm writing this article as a fan of professional wrestling, not a freelance sports writer.

This is what professional wrestling has become. This is what I wrote about last year and what I've written about to some extent earlier this year.

A guy like Bryan Danielson. Re-read that name. Bryan f*cking Danielson , gets fired for choking someone with a neck tie. But it's perfectly acceptable to grab a folding chair and start hitting someone with it. Or hurl a pair of 100-pound ring steps through the air into someone's face. Just as long as no one is getting choked with any articles of clothing.

This brings me back to Wade Barrett's picture. Wade Barrett and his Nexus stable are the only things worth watching in WWE at the moment. The Nexus is the only thing being done correctly and, as WWE usually does, I'm quite afraid it's going to get blown up in all of our faces.

Because every single time Vince McMahon does something right, he and his crackpot staff of Hollywood writers manage to muck it all up, just as it's getting good.

As of the time of this writing, Nexus has been allowed to be exactly what they are on paper. A pack of wolves. Blood thirsty savages destroying everything in their path. They've got a gifted speaker and solid worker in Wade Barrett leading the charge.

None of the other rookies have acted like prima donnas, sharing the spotlight as opposed to sucking it up. WWE has even gone as far as allowing two of the weaker talkers in the group, Michael Tarver and Skip Sheffield, to cut promos on RAW in an attempt to get better, which they have.

So, as the title of this article so boldly states:

Do something right? No, stop doing things wrong.

In the case of World Wrestling Entertainment, stop with the stupid email alerts and the lame, but less frequent, guest hosts and the pitiful comedy sessions because that kind of crap diminishes the value and importance of almost everything that happens on the flagship show.

And for the love of Shawn, don't give Nexus a WWE Superstar leader. Don't single-handedly devalue the first, and only, great stable since Evolution. You finally did something right. Now, just stop doing things wrong.

As far as Dixie Carter and her 'rasslin promotion down in Florida?

Well, let's just say some things are better left unsaid.

Quinn Gammon is a part time writer for the pro wrestling section of Bleacher Report and currently lives in Long Island, New York, where he is a hopeful author in-the-making. Any questions, comments or feedback are greatly appreciated.