Atobe KeigoContributor IIJuly 23, 2010

Everyone in the WWE Universe knows a man called Michael Mizanin better known by his ring name The Miz. He has somewhat become what Michael Cole would say “The Future of Raw”, I think that if he is the future than the WWE is in a whole lot of trouble because a monkey with the IQ of 16 can entertain better than The Miz. All he does is come in the ring say that he is “Awesome” while everybody calls him awful.

 Let’s go back to the beginning of success for The Miz, that is when he was tag teaming with a man light years ahead of him in in-ring talent and mic skills. That man’s name was John Morrison, he was the reason people actually even payed attention to the matches that Miz was involved in. For 16 months they were together and the charisma of John Morrison actually hid the pathetic and atrocious in-ring skill of The Miz. Finally he was drafted to Raw and turned his back on Morrison.

Very soon he feuded with John Cena which lead to many squash matches between them. The Miz came back and reinvented himself. I hoped maybe that The Miz would actually be entertaining now but it was just different clothes and same old mouth. He quickly won the US title and later on started teaming with Big Show. Then he won the Unified Tag Titles. Now I was thinking that this was completely absurd because why give a guy like The Miz not one, not two, but THREE titles. It was obvious to me that Vinnie was on a mission to shove The Miz down our throats. Then things got even worse, people went as far as calling The Miz the next Chris Jericho. The very thought of Miz being compared to a future Hall Of Famer like Chris Jericho was ludicrous to me. If you compare them very closely you will see that The Miz isn’t even at a fraction of the level of Chris Jericho In in-ring ability and In mic skills he still is far from Chris Jericho because like I said above all he does is say that he is “Awesome”.

 He then lost the US Title to Bret Hart in which Bret vacated it and was won by R-Truth and a week later The Miz reclaimed it. I didn’t even know what the reason was of giving R-Truth the title if he was going to lose it to The Miz a week later. Now Miz won MITB on Sunday July 18, 2010 and that proved to me that WWE actually plans for him to become the very 1st man to hold the US Title and WWE Title. He is already degrading the US Title by not defending it, so what would the reason be to give him the WWE Title which is already losing prestige because of “Superman” John Cena and our current (and pale) WWE Champion Sheamus.

 I know that this mostly seems like a rant but this has some proof behind it. The second he broke up with John Morrison we all thought he would be fired or sent down to FCW. But he was a bullet faster than John Morrison and why, because he was Vince McMahon's support and even John Cena is calling him his favorite “up and coming” superstar. We all know what happens when John Cena takes a liking to a WWE Superstar, ask Evan Bourne he went from being a jobber to main eventing Raw and pinning Chris Jericho on 3 different occasions. Now that he has won MITB (whether I or anybody else dislikes it) the sky’s the limit for The Miz.