"Lightning" Lonnie Smith is a Boxing Superstar In the Making

Justin DavisContributor IJuly 22, 2010

In recent years, the lighter weight divisions have produced exciting fights and fighters. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shane Mosley, Oscar de la Hoya, and Manny Pacquiao are just a few of the most renowned fighters today who began their careers at 130 pounds and under.

"Lightning" Lonnie Smith is a junior lightweight contender looking to add his name to this All-Star list.

Many boxing insiders may recognize the name "Lightning" Lonnie Smith as a three-time world champion who retired in 1999.

The younger Lonnie Smith, now full-grown and a man of his own, is carving his own legacy. Smith has the pedigree and the talent to challenge and win a world title soon.

Smith first put on a pair of gloves at the age of 13, and his boxing career flourished from then on. Smith has said that he would carry his boxing gear in a black bag that was much larger than him.

Smith's illustrious amateur career includes a third place finish at the Junior International Olympics in 2003, the BCR world title in 2005, the Ringside World Championships title in 2005, a controversial second place finish at the Under-19 National Championship in 2005, and a second place finish in the USA national championship.

Smith finished with an amateur career of 51-10.

Competing in those national and international tournaments gives Smith an edge over his competition in his young career.

Smith turned pro just a week after turning 19 with a technical knockout victory over Javier Flores in the third round.

Now, he's 10-2-2 (seven KO's) and the losses and draws are controversial or the result of bad management, according to Smith.

He's currently seeking sponsorships, management, and promotional opportunities to further prove himself (if you are a promoter, manager or have information on opportunities you are encouraged to contact Lonnie on twitter http://twitter.com/130lbBEAST or at ReikoRich@gmail.com ).

What sets "Lightning" Lonnie Smith apart from the rest is his style.

Smith brings an amazing blend of hand and foot speed, power in either hand, and the amazing ability to punch at awkward angles.

He is adored by Hispanic fight fans, and he's known as "El Negro Mexicano Lightning," because he comes out to Mariachi themed music and fights to send everyone home early and thoroughly entertained.

When he's not fighting, Smith is training at "The Hit Factory" in Las Vegas, Nevada, honing his skills under the tutelage of former world champion and Hall of Famer Eddie "Mustafa" Muhammad and Yoel Judah.

The regimen of running at high altitudes, cardio, and strength and conditioning allow Smith to fight at the insane pace he dictates through the ropes.

Can Lonnie Smith handle the elite fighters of his weight class? Ask Jorge Linares.

According to eyewitnesses, Smith knocked out Linares in a sparring session before losing his title by KO in the first round to Juan Carlos Salgado last October.

He also spars with Zab "Super" Judah where he can further practice his skills. It won't be long before the whole world knows who "Lightning" Lonnie Smith is.