UFC on Versus 2: Jones vs. Matyushenko Media Call Live Tweets

Erik Fontanez@@Erik_FontanezCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2010

Jon Jones and Vladimir Matyushenko are set to fight in the main event of UFC on Versus 2 on Sunday, Aug 1 at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, CA.

The two answered questions from the media today and gave your typical answers -- I'm focused.  I'm prepared.  Not looking past this fight.

A humble Jones advised that he should be considered the underdog in this fight, despite the overall opinion that he should walk right through Matyushenko.

Matyushenko made his case for competing against the young up-and-comer, turning to his experience as a key.

Check out our live tweets for the call...

Conference call is done. Don't know if the conference call building burned down or not.#UFConVersus2

Matyushenko tells Jones he's going to give him 100% of what he's got. #UFConVersus2

Someone asked the confidence question. The fighter's answers: I'm confident. #DUH #UFConVersus2

Jones tries to carry himself with respect. Like a "monk" or a "knight", according to him. #UFConVersus2

Jones is not watching wrestling You Tube videos. Don't why someone would ask that. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that the biggest thing about Vlady's experience is to use it against him. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that he never turned down a fight with Lil Nog. Was never offered the fight. #UFConVersus2

Jones: Working on a lot of stand up with Phil Nurse.#UFConVersus2

Last two months Jones has been working strictly on punching harder and kicking harder. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that he will not allow himself to be a failure.#UFConVersus2

Jones says that family is the reason why he does this. They're his main source of motivation. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that he watched opponent's fights over and over and over. Says he is an MMA nerd. LOL. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that being in a 2nd main event doesn't affect him.#UFConVersus2

Jones says that everything he does is under Greg Jackson's control. Says everything has gotten better as a result.#UFConVersus2

Jones says that trash talk gets to him because he's a real sensitive/emotional guy. #UFConVersus2

Jones on fighting his teammate Rashad Evans: "No way. Not in a million years." #UFConVersus2

Jones says he's 23 years old now. Says he's not that young anymore. :) #UFConVersus2

Matyushenko says he feels good and young. Why not fight young guys? #UFConVersus2

"We're all human. We all can be beat." Jones has that frame of mind going into this fight.

Jones finds it flattering to be compared to Anderson Sivla. A real honor to him. #UFConVersus2

Matyushenko thanks Jones for the compliment.#UFConVersus2

Jones thinks Matyushenko is very underrated. Says he's been a dominant grinder. Jones thinks that he himself should be the underdog.

Matyushenko says he hasn't seen anybody like Jones in his fight career. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that he doesn't try to think past this fight. Isn't thinking about rank in light heavyweight division.#UFConVersus2

Jones says he has a lot to learn. #UFConVersus2

Staying humble is really important to Jones. Says people are right in saying he hasn't fought a top ten guy. #UFConVersus2

Matyushenko says he's looking to use his experience to his advantage against Jones. #UFConVersus2

Apparently, there has been a fire alarm in the conference call center and the media call has gone to hell. #UFConVersus2

FIRE!!!! #UFConVersus2

Matyushenko says that he's been training harder than ever for this fight. #UFConVersus2

Jones says that going up to heavyweight isn't really his focus.#UFConVersus2

"Next big thing" sounds cool to Jones, but it doesn't change anything about him. Doesn't mean anything. #UFConVersus2 

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