Miz Becoming HBK, JoMo Looking Like Marty Jannetty

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIJuly 20, 2010

Before I get started, I would like to tell everyone who is reading this article that this isn’t a premature rant about how The Miz is becoming the "next" Shawn Michaels or how John Morrison is turning into Marty Jannetty. Rather this is an article that shows how there is an amazing resemblance between these two former tag teams.

In 1985, a team known as the "The Rockers" was formed, consisting of two young men known as Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels. This exciting new team brought a different look to the tag team scene of pro wrestling at that time—they had a ring attire which stood out from the rest of the tag teams and loads of charisma and talent.

The pair would "Rock" wrestling for roughly seven years. Feuds against teams such as "The Brainbusters" and "The Hart Foundation" delivered some of the best tag team matches in WWE history. The duo would go on to win 5 tag team championships for different promotions and be awarded 33rd place on PWI's Greatest Tag Teams list.

The team broke up after Shawn Michaels betrayed his partner, superkicking Jannetty and promptly bashed his skull through glass.

Marty Jannetty went on to have a solid wrestling career, winning the illustrious WWE Intercontinental Championship and earning a spot in PWI's Best Wrestler Of 1993 list, at number 13.

After the split, Shawn Michaels would become one of the greatest performers of all-time. A four-time World Champion, Michaels gave a five-star match at arguably every WrestleMainia he ever competed in.

I think it's safe to say that Shawn Michaels got the better end of that deal.

It seems that when a tag team breaks up, one guy has a good career and establishes himself as a premier mid-card performer and then there is the other guy, the guy that cements his name in wrestling history as one of the best performers of his generation. We have seen it throughout history; a few teams that come to mind immediately are The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Harlem Heat and The Steiners.

"The Rockers" are a team that is the perfect example of this sad, but true, statement.

Fast forward to late 2007, and one of the better teams of recent memory was formed. John Morrison and The Miz won the WWE Tag Team Championships and had a title reign that lasted in the area of nine months, and later they also picked up the World Tag Team Championship.

But the WWE Draft changed all that. Morrison was be drafted to SmackDown! and, just for kicks, The Miz would beat down John Morrison, turning Miz heel and JoMo face.

Miz has enjoyed singles success; he has not one, but two, United States Championship reigns on his resume.

John Morrison has had one Intercontinental Championship reign after the split and competed in memorable matches with Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy.

Months after this team parted ways, on an edition of SmackDown!, John Morrison and The Miz got back together for one more edition of their talk show "The Dirt Sheet".

In the show, they went go back and forth on who was the better wrestler and who would turn out to be the "Shawn Michaels" of their broken team.

Just in case you missed it:

WWE Smackdown! 16/10/09 The Return of the Dirt Sheet w/ John Morrison & The Miz


First, the fact that the WWE would throw a performer (Marty Jannetty) that worked for them for so many years under the bus with that segment shows just what the writers will do for a few laughs from the audience.

After this debate between the two, a foolish notion went off in the IWC that John Morrison would become the "next" Shawn Michaels.

With no support to back this claim up, whenever someone would tell me that John is the second coming of Shawn Michaels, I would immediately say,"what has Morrison done to even be mentioned in the same sentence as HBK" ?

Now, I do understand that Morrison has the "look" and the "style" that Shawn Michaels used to have. But when saying a superstar is the "next" clone of a legend, you MUST look beyond the physical traits of the performer and see what they can do in the ring.

The Miz these days is carrying around a briefcase that will possibly give him a WWE Championship reign. At, least he COULD become a WWE Champion and have a title that Shawn Michaels gave so much prestige to.

Throw in the fact that Miz has actually gotten better these last couple of years as far as in-ring ability goes, and the sky seems to be the limit for the cocky superstar.

But with John Morrison, I'll be honest—I haven't seen a significant step up in his game.

The old saying is don't judge a book by it's cover, and after the stable of "John Morrison and The Miz" broke up people automatically assumed one was going to be the bigger star (Morrison) and one going to be the annoying low-card nobody with a big mouth (Miz).

Yet, here we are today, July 20, 2010, and The Miz almost took home the most prestigious prize in all of sports entertainment last night on Monday Night Raw.

Obviously, you need to get a push from the front office to get the opportunity to be a big star like John Cena or Chris Jericho. But, the most important thing in the WWE isn't the in-ring ability; believe it or not, in-ring ability will always give you a job somewhere else if you get fired.

But THE MOST important thing is being able to connect with the fans and get a reaction out of them; just look at Santino or The Great Khali. That will give you job security in the WWE.

When, it's time to face facts, John Morrison simply can't get as great a reaction from the crowd as Miz gets.

I guess the point I am trying to make here isn't what the title of this article would make you think.

You have to give things a chance before you just ride them off as nothing (life in general really), and The Miz has been more interesting to watch grow since the team broke up. In that time frame, JoMo has basically stayed the same. 

The Miz is the perfect example of WWE's moto—"Anything can happen in the WWE".

By the same token, we could see John Morrison as the WWE Champion later this year. Who knows what could happen?

We might have to give these two guys a little more time to grow but, if I had to pick right now between who is the "Shawn Michaels" and who is the"Marty Jannetty," it would be The Miz who gets the greater accolades.

Congrats Miz, you are the "Shawn Michaels" of "John Morrison and The Miz." You have become the bigger star, whether we like it or not.

While for now, John Morrison you are...Marty Jannetty—still a good wrestler, just not a star.


But alas, I am just one man. Who do YOU think is the Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels of this tag team.


Just to clear things up before I sign off, in NO way do I think that Miz will EVER have the career that Shawn Michaels had. John Morrison won't come close either.   




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