Randy Couture vs. James Toney: Most Predictable UFC Match Ever?

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2010

In the past, the UFC has promoted some predictable fights. There was Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites, and Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy.

Now, there is an upcoming fight between the UFC hall of famer Randy Couture and former boxer James Toney.

Given the rich history of the UFC disproving static martial arts, we all know Toney stands as small a chance against "The Natural" as probably any of Couture's previous opponents. But is this the most predictable UFC fight of all time?

In the early UFC's, we saw boxers completely ignorant of preventing the clinch and absolutely ineffective in doing anything to prevent the takedown. Upon being slammed to the mat, the boxers would do what they knew best: Strike.

People learned quickly that although useful, boxing is one dimensional in the world of MMA. Now we're supposed to get hyped about Couture fighting a boxing has-been?

Toney's last win streak ended in 2004. Since 1997, he had won 14 fights in a row. Then, in his late 30s, he began losing. This doesn't cover the fact that Toney was a talented boxer as much as it brings to the surface his deterioration due to age.

Then you have Randy Couture, who seems ageless. In many ways, he seems to have swindled Father Time by continuing to fight well into his forties. In some ways he continues to get better.

How did Couture celebrate his 40th year? By outstriking Chuck Liddell, something nobody had ever done up to that point in Liddell's career.

Couture went on to defeat Tito Ortiz, Tim Sylvia, Gabriel Gonzaga and even gave punishment to some of the toughest and biggest fighters in the world, including Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Brock Lesnar.

Couture has a chin. He knows how to strike. He's grappled with the best and continues to remain a contender in übercompetitive light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

Couture's ethos alone is enough to squash any hope that Toney has of besting Captain America. And then there's the fact that Toney is merely a striker.

As Toney stated, "I don't know jiu-jitsu, I don't know wrestling...all that I know how to do is fight...period."

Well, evidently not, James.

So let's get this straight: The UFC was developed to determine who was the ultimate fighter in a round robin tournament of fighters from different martial arts backgrounds. As I stated before, we learned strikers who could not wrestle were toast.

So we're supposed to believe Toney's mouth over his skill?

Randy Couture will not only defeat James Toney, he will embarrass him. Couture is going to yet again make static boxing look like the red-headed step child of real fighting, and the sad part is somehow, Toney's going to walk away with a pay check.

There is one good thing we UFC fans can look forward to in anticipation of Couture's fight with Toney: we will get to see an old fashioned UFC beatdown of a fighter claiming all you need is boxing to stop an accomplished fighter.

Good luck changing history, James. I'm putting my money on Randy.