A P.Contributor IJuly 12, 2010

Man, am I getting excited just writing this article.  No one can deny now that TNAImpact's have been getting better and better these days.  They are slowly getting back to their regular rating's again.  This past week's Impact drew a 1.14 rating.  That is huge for many reasons.

1. It is probably the best rating they have done in weeks.

2. It went head to head with Lebron James' decision which had tons of people tuning in.

This next Impact coming up will be one to watch.  TNA generally does well when it comes to their Impact's immediately following the PPV's, and this one is no different.  I am actually looking forward to seeing the Rankings this week.  Also the story line progressions are always good after the PPV's.

But, the great thing about this week is all the rumors.  It is already known that Hogan/Bischoff were not at the PPV event, and it has already been said that they will not be at the tapings this week.  The rumor is that they are distancing themselves for the Heyman shift.

Man, I have this feeling that the signing is right at the tip of this thing.  Hogan/Bischoff's contracts are up around October of this year and with them pushing for Heyman this badly there is no doubt in my mind that these guys are out the door.  

Now just to play devil's advocate here, we can't fully blame Hogan/Bischoff for everything that has gone wrong.  Granted they brought in some crappy talent, but, they also brought in some top guys in wrestling.  They did push terrible talent and hold back good talent, but, they also pushed young talent as well.  They had some say in decisions, but, ultimately Russo wrote these terrible story lines, and Dixie let them hold the reigns.  So the blame goes to others as well.  Especially Russo, and even Dixie.

But, with Hogan/Bischoff on their way out, this can only mean that Heyman is on his way in.  I can only see this brand go up from here.  Yes, Heyman can fail miserably and do the same Hogan/Bischoff has done, but there is one big difference between the two.  RUSSO.

Yes, Russo.  Under Hogan/Bischoff, Russo wrote the story lines which were approved or changed by Bischoff and then green lit by Hogan.  Under Heyman, Russo most likely won't exist.  Russo will be on his way out with Heyman controlling all aspects and as Jim Cornette has said, won't listen to the crazyness that is Russo story lines.  Heyman will either change all the stupid story lines Russo puts out, get rid of Russo period and put his own guy in, or Russo will leave knowing that Heyman won't give him anything to work with.

Either way, this is shaping up to be a start of something great.  Only time will tell and I think it will be sooner rather than later.

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