Should The WWE Turn Christian Heel?

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJuly 7, 2010

The WWE's Money In The Bank pay per view event is quickly approaching and while the fan's are expecting this event to be one of the best pay per view's of the year, fans are also expecting a few surprises before, during, and after the pay per view.

The summer stretch run to SummerSlam is usually a hit or miss with WWE fans—with respect to story lines—but I believe that there is one storyline that would not only surprise people, but it would elevate someone's career. The move that I am talking about is turning Christian heel.

Christian has always been an upper-mid card talent at best in the WWE due to many reasons but when he was a heel, he got over more with the fans by pissing them off and cutting some classic promos. Christian was also a NWA World Champion while he was in TNA so he has all the tools to become a world champion but I feel like he needs to be a heel in order to accomplish this goal.

CM Punk is out of action due to injury for seven more weeks at least, Kane is supposed to turn heel and feud with the Undertaker. Jack Swagger—as of right now—is suppose to feud with Kofi for the IC title due to his push stalling out it seems, and Drew McIntrye is there as a match filler until this fall or until WWE creative finds something better for him to do.

With all the top heels busy, maybe the WWE could turn Christian heel and let him run with the ball. I know he is popular with the fans but a heel turn could really do wonders for his career and it could also show Mr. McMahon that he has what it takes to main event shows besides ECW.

My best case scenario for Christian is to turn him heel right before the pay per view, have him win the money in the bank ladder match, and then announce he is cashing it in at SummerSlam against Rey Mysterio. This idea would not only give Christian a huge push for one of the biggest events of the entire year but it would also provide the WWE with a dream match up with Mysterio versus Christian.

So with reading the spoilers, I have read that Christian abandoned Matt Hardy at the TV tapings and may be officially turning him heel depending on what the fan reaction is or maybe just another mini-story heading into the pay per view event. Hopefully the WWE does the right thing and turns Christian full pledge heel and has him get an opportunity to finally win a world title in WWE.


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