Who is driving, anyways?

Busta BucketCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2010

T-Mac (the famous Busta Bucket commenter not the obscure basketball player) sent in the following e-mail. I figured I'd share without his permission:

"Hey Seth,  
Ummm....who the hell is at the wheel right now? Paul Allen, the guy who oversaw the John Nash jailblazers era that almost destroyed basketball in Oregon when he was one of those fun 'hands-on' owners? Larry Miller, who worked for Nike for ten years and is thus qualified to make personnel decisions? You know that episode of 'T
he Simpson's' where Bart gets a fake ID and rents a car, and he, Nelson and Millhouse go on a roadtrip to Knoxville, TN, to visit the "World's Fair"? At one point, Bart hops in the back seat and has a friendly conversation with Nelson, and Millhouse wonders, "Bart, if you're here, who's driving?" and Bart replies, "cruise control, my good man!" just as the car careens off the road and into a corn field? That's what the circus of a front office reminds me of, and when the management of my team reminds me of three fictional twelve year old kids stealing a car and crashing it, that's probably not a good sign.

Do you think Larry Miller gets really drunk and calls KP, saying things like, 'Heeeeeey! So...listen, listen. Yes, I know what time it is, do YOU?! Shhhhh! Listen! So, I have a hypooooo-thetical for you. OK? Listen.'

So, would you trade LaMarcus, Oden, and Batum, plus our 2011 #1, for....um, let's call them 'Bay Sallen' and 'Ryan Malibraineeeee?' cause it seems like a really good deal to me. Hello? HElloooooo?" Somehow that scenario makes me feel both better AND worse.


When blogs publish people's questions the writer usually subsequently provides a thoughtful answer. Dave is a master of this . I'm lazier than Dave, not to mention less knowledgeable/smart/talented, etcetera. (Just so you don't think I'm kissing up, let me add that I would destroy him in a game of horse. JUST NAME A TIME AND PLACE DAVE. As long as I happen to be no more than ten minutes away and am well rested and in shorts and have been working on my game for a month or so prior I WILL BE THERE.) I have no answer for T-Mac.

I like his Simpson's reference. I think it's important to keep in mind how hard it is for a franchise to make personnel moves without a general manager. Adding a layer of unease to the vacant GM position is Paul Allen's record with his "hands on" decisions. This could be an especially frustrating summer for fans.

Enjoy your day.

(Here is where I got the photo. I wanted to go with a Teen Wolf picture but Bill Simmons ruined that forever for everyone. Also, T-Mac doesn't use that awful font in his e-mail. That was my doing.)



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