Halfway Home: Silverstone Grand Prix A Possible Turning Point?

Chris OliphantContributor IJune 30, 2010

NORTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 21:  Sebastian Vettel (R) of Germany and Red Bull Racing leads away at the start of the British Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone on June 21, 2009 in Northampton, England.   (Photo by Steve Tee-Pool/Getty Images)
Pool/Getty Images


With the 2010 season just past halfway, many variables are in play and the action is just getting started. One of the main variables is that with the European leg in full swing, upgrades to the cars are coming fast and furious. Also with the recent uproar from Valencia, many questions of “actual” performance are still up in the air. Finally, with the track being reworked for this year, the drivers will have yet another new challenge besides the full fuel tank to deal with.

Many teams have already developed upgrades to their cars for the European leg, such as the new blown out diffuser. With home base being closer to this track than Valencia, many more upgrades will be shown on this race weekend. Red Bull has announced no large updates, seen as how the RB6 chassis is already the class of the field. McLaren will have major updates to try and compete with those Red Bull boys. Many of the new teams also announced major upgrades which will hopefully give them some corner pace so that they can add some downforce and close the gap to the frontrunners. Hopefully reliability issues will not ruin races for these teams.

Now for the fallout from Valencia. With many drivers and teams (namely a red coloured team) complaining about how the FIA handled the safety car period, it will be up to them to prove that the stewards decision did actually hurt their chances in the race. If a good performance is not acquired, then these teams will definitely have their foot in their mouth and should concentrate on their own races.

Finally, the Silverstone track has been reworked for this year. Adding a complex that takes the drivers into the National circuit and then back onto the old track is aimed at increasing the fans’ enjoyment and increasing the drivers’ difficulty. Even though the teams have the simulators working, the real circuit is apt to feature characteristic bumps and changes in grip levels to deal with.

With all of these variables plus the general chaos of this 2010 season, this year’s grand prix will certainly be an exciting and interesting one. With the driver’s and constructor’s championships being so close as well, this will definitely have a major impact on the rest of the season.