Raw 6/28/10 Blog: Nexus Attack HOF Legends, 8-Man Mega Tag Match & More

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 29, 2010

Last week attack on Vince McMahon was a little surprising, but we know Vince has nothing to do with being the leader.

A pack of wolves are exactly what they are and have been for several weeks now.

8:00-Monday Night Raw.

8:02-"The First Human Jar of Mayonnaise" Sheamus, our WWE Champion. I wonder if Cena will get another rematch or will the GM make him earn it.

8:04-Sheamus is getting alot of heat from Philly, but doesn't their own Quarterback, I mean Ex-QB.

8:06-He sounds Like Edge "I HATE YOU CENA, I HATE YOU".

8:11-He believe's he sent himself that e-mail, Oh look at the stand I mean he looks like he is the GM and I'm loving the heat he is getting. Bring Back J.R.

8:12-Michael Cole is short he need's the stand. Cole has informed himself that Sheamus will have a match tonight with the "World Strongest Man" Mark Henry.

8:13-Cena is funny, I'll admit that. Cole has informed himself that we will have an 8-Man Money in the Bank match. 

8:15-A Steel Cage Match.....at Money in the Bank, Cens vs. Sheamus.

8:20-Aw man I thought that was Bret Hart. 6-Man Tag Match, Or Not. Uso's attack again.

8:23-R-Truth has a second job as a Zoo Keeper.

8:32-Kozlov coming to help, this is a tag team I have been wanting to see. Kozlov has a great attitude and can be pushed, just has to be more serious.

8:38-ROB ZOMBIE!!! I'm a big fan.

8:40-Orton has not been in one since WrestleMania 23, Miz is a good choice, R-Truth, Jericho Zombie is a big fan, Morrison, Ted DiBiase, Edge and Bourne. That is going to be a good match.

8:41-Zombie is great with the WWE crowd. That has to be the first footage of Benoit I seen in years.

8:44-Cole inform's himself, DiBiase, Jericho, Miz and Edge vs. Bourne, Morrison, Truth and Orton.

8:50-I'm expecting this to be a match where they both hit their spots and Sheamus comes away with the win.

8:54-Sheamus win's, Predictable. Short Match.

8:55-Creepy Group Laugh .

8:59-A plug for Ricky Steamboat DVD.

The first hour was OK, could be beter, but always can be.


9:02-Anderson, Dean, Hayes and IRS. Great Hall of Famers. Like all the comments from the Hall of Famers.


9:06-This can get interesting Nexus vs Hall of Fame Legends.

9:08-NEXUS is getting a lot of heat. I kind of don't like the Legends being used as punching bags for these damn Rookies.

9:11-Why didn't I see this coming, Steamboat is going to go down swinging at least. He still got it no matter what is happening tonight. What I don't get if the pros come down their they could stop this from happening cause Nexus can't touch them or their fired.

9:12-Where is Wade Barrett? Big heat on Nexus.

9:26-Diva's Tag Match. Eve and Gail vs Alicia and Maryse.

9:30-Four Minute Match.

9:40-Everyone making their entrance.

9:47- Match is pretty good so far, Evan Bourne looking good.

9:49-Jericho get's the tag in and is beating up on Bourne.

9:51-What ever happen to the tag team of Jericho and Miz?

9:57-Good to see guys like Bourne and Miz in the Main Event, other than Cena. Might be the first time we might not see Nexus come out.

10:00-Air Bourne....NO....Code Breaker.....YES. Loud  Cheer's for Orton, RKO. 1,2 & 3. Match Over.

10:02-Could Miz win Money in the Bank, I don't think so. Orton could be the winner. Listen to that crowd.

10:05-Can The Viper Strike at Money in the Bank?

Good show, hour two was better.

What do you think about the show?

Who will win MITB?

Who is your dark horse?

What Title match you looking forward to more?

See you next week here on My Raw Blog.




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