Has The TNA Knockout Division Really Gone to Hell? Looks Likely

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 26, 2010

While being out of the country for the last week, I saw no wrestling at all. It almost killed me. I'm trying to catch up on the shows, so no one give anything away. I am checking some of the websites for news though, and I came across a little info regarding the TNA Knockouts.

For a while now, the WWE Divas have been seen as nothing really big in the eyes of the wrestling faithful. Meanwhile, the TNA Knockouts have impressed many and that division was seen as the best women's division in the world. It was something TNA had over every single company, yet since late 2009 and early 2010 they somehow dropped the ball on it.

I, for one, loved watching the Knockouts. It was one of my main reasons for continuing to watch TNA Wrestling. I knew when I saw iMPACT, I'd see the best female wrestling in the world possibly.

Now when I watch TNA Knockouts, I see nothing special, nothing that stands out, and especially nothing I'd make sure to tune in for.

And it's horrible to see how they are treated by TNA too, getting paid less and less and not being highlighted nearly as much as they used to be. They treated Roxxi like complete garbage after she worked her butt off for them too. It shows how ungrateful they are with the Knockouts.

Basically the only people there even close to worth watching are the Beautiful People and Angelina Love. But how often can you see that until you get tired of it? Sure, they are hot, but after seeing past that you see nothing but constant storylines of the same thing with the same people.

ODB recently left the company and a source told me she's telling anyone who is anywhere near Louisville that she wants to go to the WWE. Can't blame her.

She was under a developmental contract with them a few years ago, but it didn't really work out. She was ODB then, so it's obvious to me that she owns the name, so the WWE could use it if she was picked up by them.

She's made a name for herself and has a nice gimmick, but the use of her gimmick may not totally work under the PG banner. So to me, it'll ne weird to see her in another gimmick, but I'm sure as long as she is picked up by the WWE, it won't matter to her.

In any case, her departure was not a huge deal to the backstage moral it seems. As the rest of the Knockouts didn't really care, neither did most people backstage despite her being a top name in the division and former champion.

More people cried out about the Roxxi departure, which shows the respect for her over ODB's. Ouch.

In any case, there was sort of a secret meeting with the gals.

According to reports, the ladies talked amongst themselves early last week of getting all the women together to demand a raise from management. However, the three-day television tapings in Orlando concluded without confrontation.

This pretty much tells me that ODB being gone is seen as nothing hurtful to the company in their eyes. But the thing is that it is. The loss of Tara is going to hurt them, and the loss of many others will hurt as well. Then you have the possibility of Taylor Wilde and Sarita leaving when their deals end too.

This once powerful division is now worth next to nothing, and the WWE Divas are more fun to watch nowadays. Yeah, I just insulted TNA that badly.

When I have to say to be more like the WWE Divas, then something is wrong somewhere.

It seems that Hogan and others are only caring about the Heavyweight Division in TNA and nothing else matters. This is a terrible idea when the WWE is huge in that department yet lack in areas TNA used to shine in like the X-Division and Knockouts Division.

I understand trying to improve a division, I could care less if they were trying to improve it and made sure others still shined. But that's not the case here.

While the WWE is still doing well with their heavyweight and even secondary title divisions, along with improving in storylines and tag team depth, and on top of that adding great new stars in, TNA seems to be falling down fast.

Why not make sure you go back to the roots to give fans something different rather than more curse words in a promo? I'm just saying TNA.

But what do you think? Has the Knockouts Division gone to hell, in your opinion?