The Life Of Bryan Danielson: His Current Success Without TV

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJune 22, 2010

You might be wondering what the American Dragon is doing to kill time during his 90 day no compete contract? Recovering from his crucifixion for being named Bryan (Monty Python reference, not Jesus)? He's actually quite busy.

Here's a list of his upcoming shows:

6/26- Chikara: Taylor, MI
6/27- Chikara: Cleveland, OH
6/27- AIW: Cleveland, OH
7/3- Ambition: Oberhausen, Germany
7/4- WXW: Oberhausen, Germany
7/23- EVOLVE: Union City, NJ
7/24- DGUSA: Philadelphia, PA
7/30- PWG: Reseda, CA
8/7- NWA: Charlotte, NC
8/8- NWA: Charlotte, NC

When the contract is no compete, it means you can't show your face on TV for 90 days. 

It was also announced that Bryan Danielson will wrestle at MFW's birthday bash show. It's a Boston promotion that is run by John Cena Sr. 

The announcement is no longer on but the Youtube video is still up.

But seriously, it's a great move by Cena Sr. to sign Danielson to a show.  It will bring publicity to his promotion and provide an interesting grudge match. 

So...what else is going on in the life of Bryan? 

Well his name is being chanted every time Mr.McMahon shows his face. That is an amazing move by the fans at these events. But Mr.McMahon is such a meanie he is even taking away the posters. 

"@bryandanielson  I had a sign that read "Bring back Daniel Bryan!" and they took it from me! :("

With all this crazyness going on, even PETA is even getting in on the action.  PETA sent a letter to the WWE asking for Danielson to be re-signed.

"You may remember that a couple of months ago weblogged about Daniel Bryan, an up-and-coming vegan wrestler in the WWE. Bryan was making waves and had even defeated one of the WWE's top superstars, The Miz. But in a controversial decision that has outraged fans,stars, and wrestling legend Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan was fired from the company.

Now, there's a grassroots movement to bring him back, and PETA is tossing our name in the ring in support. Check out the letter we just sent to WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and send a polite comment to the WWE asking it to bring Daniel Bryan back!"

Posted by Chris Holbein, manager of PETA's Special Projects Division (and resident WWE super-fan)

That's PETA's blog post and it's awesome. Everyone in the universe wants Danielson back and somethings gotta give.  We'll just have to see how long it'll take.

(If you like the t-shirt above go to Danielson's new site and buy it. He needs the money. )