The Daniel Bryan Chant and The Making Or Breaking of a Star

Matt ClementsCorrespondent IJune 22, 2010

Recently, I wrote an article on Bryan Danielson that focused primarily on the Kayfabe flexibility involved in his firing.  As a side note, I wrote about how I didn't really feel the WWE audience cared that much about a fired wrestler whose fanbase primarily consisted of the IWC.  I mean, as Daniel Bryan, he had a decent match with Jericho, but he never really had a match that showcased his talent.  He never countered a suplex into a crossface; heck, he never even did the Cattle Mutiliation.  His wins were fluke roll-up wins on Santino and The Miz.  Bottom line, he never got to showcase his talent, and I never saw the audience all that engrossed in what he was doing aside from the Cole angle.

Then, I read last night during the Fatal 4-Way PPV about sporadic but audible "Daniel Bryan" chants throughout the program.  I was unsure how loud these were, but I heard it tonight on RAW.  I heard them loud and clear.  This was an audience of 10,000+ chanting for a wrestler written off for showing remorse for his actions.  This was an audience of 10,000+ chanting for a wrestler whose absence has only been noticed and acknowledged on the internet.  The internet is such a small part of the general wrestling audience, but yet there they were, chanting a name they barely got to know.

This proves I was wrong about the WWE universe regarding Bryan Danielson, or that I was wrong about how in-tune the WWE universe is with the internet.  He has a buzz no other wrestler wished the best of luck on future endeavors ever had.  He has a potential fan base, one not really based on youtube clips or ROH matches, but a fan base organically created by a personality and a respect.  I'm not quite sure why it's there, but it's there none the less, and this is the best time for Bryan Danielson to strike.

He'll do indy shows for a while.  He's promoting his own website.  He's built a lot for himself in the last 10 days, and if and when he returns to the WWE, he has a base asking for him!  Asking for him in front of Vince no less!!

This firing may have been the best thing for his career.  I just hope that when he does come back the angle built for him hasn't self-destructed.  Can the Creative Team actually be creative with the NXT angle for the next 2 months?!?  Time will tell, but one can only stand a "chaotic" beatdown at the end of the show so many times.  I hope they keep it going because this man will be on fire when he's back.  Still, I can't help but fear 2 months from now, the "Daniel Bryan" chants will be whispers and slight remembrances of 'that one guy' from that failed angle that got us through the summer.  Don't let him be that one guy.