Fatal Four Way: 4 Points Why It Was Still a Good Show

Miss AnnieAnalyst IJune 21, 2010

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of you thought the PPV sucked, and some didn’t even bother to watch it because they knew it would suck.  But I’m all about the positive, so let’s take a look at four points that made the PPV work.  Let me clear that out for you, I’m not saying the show was great. But it worked.

First Point: The Little Guys Won

It has been going around that the WWE was moving to push the smaller guys, and that’s never been more evident than this night’s PPV, Fatal Four Way.

Evan Bourne’s push had been the subject in the last several weeks after he was picked to replace Randy Orton in his tag team match with John Cena against Sheamus and Edge.  Some people complained that the backstage segment with Cena basically says he was the last minute choice after talking him up. But tonight, the push is back.

Evan wrestled in what many considers the best match of the night with Chris Jericho, and I’m inclined to agree.  Provided Jericho never has a boring match because he puts everything he has on it (Svyato would relish reading the fact that I said that), Evan matched Chris with everything he has as well. 

Jericho is one of the best guys at putting over other talents. He can do it just by mere talking them up, like he did with Barrett; and he could do it by wrestling with them. But Evan, tonight, did his part. He didn’t need to be carried. He proved that he’s worth the push. I’ve never really been a fan of Bourne, but he’s earned it.

And then there’s Rey Mysterio, rising through all the odds, being the smallest guy in a fatal four way match.  It has been a long time since he’s held that title, and I suppose it’s about time he gets it again. 

He battled against 3 other guys who are much bigger and probably fitter than him and won, pinning the champions Jack Swagger, no less.  I’m going to be honest, I don’t think it was such a great match.  But it served the purpose, which is, again, paving the way for the smaller guys.


Second Point: Natalya Gets to Wrestle


We all know Natalya is a great wrestler, but we have yet to see her showcase her real talents because she gets overlooked at, in favor of the “prettier” ones.  Now, I think Nattie’s pretty, so I don’t see what the matter is, add that to the fact that she has more skills than the Divas who have titles right now.

But I think this here, puts her in a more credible light than having the WWE Women’s and Diva’s titles. It’s tag team action against seemingly formidable opponents, the Usos.

In that short span of time, wrestling just a few minutes in between, Natalya showed what she’s got and got the win for the team.  Hopefully, they don’t mess it up and we’ll get to see more of this rivalry every week.

Third Point: Kane vs SES

So, it’s finally revealed that it was the Straight Edge Society that took out the Undertaker when Kane attacked CM Punk during the Fatal Four Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship. How is this good?

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society has become the premier stable on Friday Night Smackdown, and that alone bodes well for Kane getting involved with them in a storyline that’s deeper than he had with them just a couple of months ago, because now he wants vengeance. This would definitely make Kane significant again.


Fourth Point: The Main Event


Say what you will about the ending. It was cut too soon, sure. It sucked, maybe.  But you have to admit the match itself was pretty good.  Everyone got their offenses on and it left you clueless on who’s really going to win—which is the main objective of the fatal four way match.

The fact is, the four guys delivered. They kept the element of surprise going until the end.  I also like that they didn’t put Randy at a disadvantage and still showed him at as a credible contender, even though he’s out of the ring most of the time, and they always keep away from the shoulder. At one point he almost won, had Sheamus not pushed the referee away…but that’s more of personal point of view that anything else.

It was exciting from start to abrupt end.  I had predicted though that Sheamus would win or Cena will retain. And I guess I was right with Sheamus.  I think this will lead to Triple H returning soon and taking the title from him, while Cena deals with the NXTers.  Edge and Orton will continue their feud. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Edge and Orton does not need the title to tell the story for them. They can do it all by themselves.

The NXT Invasion though was predictable. Everybody expected it to happen.  But at least they didn’t beat up all four men. They took out Cena and Edge when he tried to help, but went back to Cena right after.  They went after Sheamus, but we didn’t get to see if they got to him or not. I think probably not, because he bolted out of there faster than Usain Bolt.  But I’m most happy that they left Randy alone.

So to conclude; no, it wasn’t a great Pay-per-view.  There were a few things that I didn’t like too.  There were times it got really boring like during Miz and R-truth’s match. But I still think the good outweighs the bad here.  So in my opinion it’s a 7/10.