FIFA World Cup 2010: Koman Coulibaly Wanted For Robbery In USA (Satire)

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIJune 19, 2010

The FBI has added Koman Coulibaly to the most wanted list for the United States. On the list he is wanted for robbery. He stole the United States' win over Algeria by nullifying Maurice Edu's goal to possibly win the game in the 85th minute. The Mali native committed a crime that has led to many Americans wanting his head on a silver platter. 

The United States has come together to finally have a nice fan base for a soccer team. Soccer is definitely not America's favorite sport, but it has had a small increase of popularity since the World Cup. 

Nobody knows exactly what Koman Coulibaly saw when he called the foul on USA. He couldn't have had his eyes on all the players at the same time. Video breakdown of all the players on the play show little to no signs of a foul. 

Someone could argue that Clint Dempsey may have shoved the man he was covering just a bit. But there was nothing over dramatic on the play that could have caused such a horrible call.

The whistle blown by Coulibaly doomed the United States' efforts for a win. They now have to refocus and set their priorities on defeating Algeria.

Who knows how hated Koman Coulibaly is right now? Probably not as much as Jim Joyce due to the fact that Joyce's blown call was in baseball—America's Pastime. But Joyce admitted his mistake and said he cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. Will Coulibaly ever admit to his mistake?

Soccer seems like a different sport with the administration running things differently. They were alarmed by the magnitude of how bad a call it really was and have decided to change Koman Coulibaly's future in the tournament. 

Coulibaly's call was a "disgrace." The FBI is carrying on the investigation as to where he is hiding. They might want to arrest him and look at his track record to see if there is any anti-American hate in his past. 

Bob Bradley's look-a-like Clint Eastwood will be out in Mali looking for the official after the tournament is over. Eastwood is in the works for a documentary that will probably film his hunt. The director looks to be the All-American filmmaker, Michael Moore. 

Americans around the globe will be on the hunt for this fugitive that stole America's win.