WWE Fatal Four Way: Six Creative Ways To Save the PPV

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJune 18, 2010

Hey guys and gals I am back.

As we all know by now, WWE’s next PPV Fatal 4 Way is just around the corner, the matches and competitors have been decided, set to present us a brand new event.

However, I want to be honest here and tell you that as of now there's nothing in this PPV for me to look forward to and I for one am not game for this PPV at all.

The reason is being is the fact that three of the four matches decided so far involve four competitors each, and there isn’t any intense singles feud for us to look forward to.  Now add to it the fact that we have to watch the same type of matches for almost the entire night and the lack of an intense and heated match in the card makes this PPV uninteresting.

However, being the caring community that the IWC is, I decided to pen down a few realistic and creative ideas to save this PPV.  So the people go home happy and those who order it don’t get the feeling that they dumped their money but feel they got their money’s worth.

So here we go, a few things the WWE can do to save this PPV from being a disaster and being worthy enough to be called one.

Involvement of The Undertaker

Now I know the Undertaker is slated to return at Summer Slam, which is around two months from now; however, I feel that a really scary and spine-chilling promo pointing towards the return of the dead man won’t hurt anyone, will it?

The addition of his promo to the PPV will have many advantages.

First of all, consider the fact that this PPV is going to have five matches at the most if the Drew and Kofi match gets added, so it won't be very easy to eat up thee hours of air time with just five matches.

A really well played-out, five-to-six minute promo can really substitute the time for all the silly backstage skits and would make the crowd happy to see Taker return.  Also, this promo of his can be really meaningful as well if it can give the viewers an idea as to who the victim will be when he returns.

This could be a really nerve-clogging promo which lasts for some time and can be like a break when a certain match comes to an end just as a break for the next match to start.

I mean suddenly the lights go off, the gong will be heard and on the screen there can be this video which can show Taker rising from the dead and his hand rising from the grave.

However, I would have this promo somewhere near the end of the night so that it can really set the mood for the main event matches to follow and allow for one more thing which I have included in my creative ideas below.

Proper Management of the Divas Match

Let’s accept it guys,  the Divas Division in the WWE is riding an all-time low.

Not only this but the fact the WWE is actually hiring Divas who are models first and Divas second isn't helping the cause either.  However, I for one feel that the Divas do have some talent up their sleeve as they are training and also if given proper in-ring time to develop they can do well.

Now the situation isn't ideal for the Divas battle as we are going to have four Divas in the ring together so it is indeed expected that there is actually going to be a mess in the ring because of the lack of experience.

But MANAGEMENT of this match is the key.

Now let me explain what I mean by proper management!

First, lets look at the two things that can screw up this match.

The first being four Divas in the ring, this making a mess of things.  Second, the match being a squash match.

So here is what I suggest to do:

What we can do is, we can involve two divas each in a battle separately.  I mean in one corner we can have Eve and Maryse battle it out and beat each other up, and in the other corner we can have Alicia and Kim beat each other up.

The reason being that by having sort of two matches in the same ring what we are doing is that we are first of all avoiding making a mess of the divas, and secondly we are making the viewers look at two feuds unravel at one.

I mean once we do that we can actually enjoy the match and the fact that we have two mini-matches going on at the same time, it will be fun to watch and something new as well.

This can also help substitute for the “not so perfect” in-ring moves and talent of the divas and can really make people look forward to this match and not turn away from this.

As for the second problem, i.e. the match being squash, the answer is simple—give it a good 10 minutes.

The point is that this PPV is short on matches and the advertisements just can’t take away the bulk of the PPV so we can really have some good Divas action rather than seeing Hornswoggle crack jokes which can’t even make a 1-year-old laugh.

It is one of those situations where time is on their side and hence giving the Divas more time can be helpful.

So, this way we can get a lot out of the least anticipated match of the evening and actually make the people buy it.

Kane Goes Insane

I realized that and I said it already that the time is on their side for this PPV Event and hence some back stage segments are indeed going to make their way into this PPV.

So I was thinking that maybe the involvement of Kane in back stage segments can be really great.

I mean it not only helps them eat up air time but also makes them utilize it to the fullest.

Now let me explain as to what I mean by making Kane go insane!

After the opening match of the night, there can be some announcer “trying” to take Kane’s interview and during the interview just when he mentions his brother, Kane can really become this psychotic monster.

He can just start of choke slamming anyone that comes in his way to display his anger and his demented side.

This can be the end of the first segment.

After that there can be many other pre and post match segments where in we can see Kane just absolutely choke slamming any man who comes his way.

Not only this but he can interfere in other guys interviews and pull them up and ask them eye to eye to display the level of insanity his brain has reached.

Once he does that and the just before the main event he can make one appearance in the ring and address the crowd where in he could promise them that he would kill the person who attacked his brother.

But just when he could leave, the WWE can have the Undertakers promo which I talked about earlier in my article.

This will be the perfect moment to make the people wander if it was Kane indeed who did it or is it the Undertaker signaling a return and giving a heads up to his brother for doing that.

Not only this but once the promo ends and Kane makes his way back to the locker room, he can display that heelish smile of his to make people believe that something is indeed cooking!

Addition of a Match for The Unified Tag Team Titles

I calculated and I came to conclude that even if we have a match between Drew and Kofi for the IC Title added to the PPV and even if we have those promos there still is “very easily” the scope for one more match.

Now considering the fact that this match looks the most apt to be added to the list and adding to it the “sort of” rivalry these two have been having, throwing a tag team titles match to the mix will be great.

I mean a match between the Uso’s and the Hart dynasty will be great for sure

This can be the really fast flowing and back and forth match needed to gear up the fans for the night that is about to follow.

Considering the fact that all four men going to be involved are young and have a decent high flying move set, we really can expect a lot from this match.

One more positive coming out from this match is that it will both push the new team and will also help in furthering the rivalry between these two tag teams.

I would give this match around 10-12 minutes and make this a really well fought and evenly paced battle.

Both teams can perform equally well before one of the members of the Hart Dynasty pins one of the Uso’s.

I guess that it is always great to have such a rave worthy match at your disposal and this match can provide just that.

Now for how the match can start!

In my opinion we can have The Hard Dynasty open the show by addressing the audience about the condition of Bret Hart and the Uso’s can just cut their promo and interfere and start attacking them each member of one stable fighting against the other.

After beating the Hart Dynasty up, the Uso’s can force a match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles and this can easily lead the match I have been talking about!

Controversial WWE Title Match

Yeah guys you heard it correctly indeed!

Now one thing that I have to say is that if the WWE can’t make a PPV go down in history for the good reasons then why not use the dirty way out and by that I mean having a controversial end to the WWE Title match.

Allow me to explain this situation.

After say around 20 minutes into the Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE Title we can have Cena pin Sheamus to retain his tile however simultaneously on the other hand we can have Edge using the help of the ropes to cover Orton with he too getting the pin fall.

Hence what will we have is two men winning the WWE Championship.

Now what this commotion will do is that it can actually be one of those controversial things to go down in WWE History as it would lead to two winners.

Once this is done, just like we had Cena and Batista at Royal Rumble 2005, we can have Cena and Edge bash and beat each other up yet match up every punch, every kick, and every move while the WWE Guys would try to arrive at a conclusion.

There are three reasons why I want this to happen.

First of all this can be a really good end to a PPV out of which nothing much was expected and also as a result of this it will be surely talked about and a lot of people are going to order for the replays and tune in next week to see what happens

The second reason being Randy Orton’s health. I have to admit that even I would like to see him walk out as a WWE Champion however his injuries are going to prevent him to win it so this controversial thing will just be perfect top cover up for that and will be a nice way to finish this PPV.

Once they arrive at a decision to start the match again, the person slated to win will cover the guy slated to loose and hence end this match.

However we surely will end up seeing a lot more than we expected and this the best way to be dirty in this PG Era

Last but not the least we will see that controversial and most talked about Edge again.

I for one am a fan of the saying “Controversy Creates Cash” and this will do just that.

I mean having Edge display those evil yet entertaining characteristics of his to get near the title will be a good thing.

So I guess that this will be the perfect way to put an end to this PPV with a question mark and this will be good enough to make this PPV go from “average” to “pretty good and surprising” and that is what we fans want to see.

The NXT Invasion

This to me is the perfect way to actually make this PPV a hell lot more than what we expected it to be.

The funny part is that I started this article by saying that these ideas can make this PPV some thing and now I can say that such things can actually make this PPV great.

Now I already said that the WWE Title Match could make the people go back home with question marks yet with satisfaction that the PPV was great.

However I feel that there is nothing better then ending the PPV with insanity and hard core and really intense wrestling action.

Now I know that the NXT Thing has already been played out once but only this time I want to see a more neck to neck battle with the WWE Guys also putting on a fight before going down.

So the setting is the same I mean the WWE Title mach has just got over and we see those seven rookies come in and surround the ring.

The WWE Team comprises of all the four competitors from the Fatal 4 Way Match

Now just imagine the RKO’s the Spears being hit like crazy, all men rearing each other apart, and the crowd is roaring like a bunch of wild maniacs ready to explode every moment.

In the end however the NXT Rookies will again walk out on top as they will be standing in the middle of the ring with the WWE wrestlers lying down so that the story line reaches new heights and we see some domination.

One more advantage is that by making the NXT Guys tackle the top guys on RAW we can actually make more people invest in them as successful hells so I guess that this will be the perfect way indeed to end the PPV

So That’s it guys, my creative yet very much possible ideas to save this “not so great” PPB and turn it into a great-great one!

What do you think, will my ideas help make the PPV better or not? Please comment for sure and let me know as all comments whether positive or negative will be welcomed but please comment fore sure!

BTW guys my fellow writer here is trying his best to have Jim Ross call the 900th episode of RAW later this year and has started a petition to get the job done so please if you are interested do sign the petition; you can find it at this link

That’s all folks, please sign this petition and express your views on my article for sure as well!


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