West Virginia Mountaineers: We're Here, We're 'Eers! Get Used to It!

Frank AhrensSenior Writer INovember 27, 2007

If you're a WVU fan, here's the best part about the very real possibility the Mountaineers are going to play in the national championship game: No one wants them there.

Missouri fans no doubt feel the same way.

The drumbeat of coverage from the national sports media has already begun and it goes like this: WVU and Missouri in the national title game? This, surely THIS, is the reason why the current system is broken and we need a playoff.

CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman wrote that he cheered a WVU-Mizzou matchup because no one outside of the two states would watch the game, which would inevitably lead to a playoff. He prefers a game between Ohio State and Southern Cal, clearly the two best teams in the country.

Tonight at halftime on ESPN's Monday Night Football, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon debated what they called as everyone is calling it the "BCS mess." Kornheiser referred to WVU and Mizzou as "anonymous." Wilbon said the system is broken.

Well, guys, too bad. We're here, we're 'Eers! Get used to it!

The truth of the situation is the critics don't think the system is broken. They think it's broken this year. The system worked fine when it delivered Texas and Southern Cal and when it delivered Ohio State and Florida. But when it delivers WVU and Mizzou, obviously it's broken.

If I were Nick Saban, I might compare the Mountaineers and Mizzou Tigers in this year's BCS title game to, oh let's see, loving gay couples who seek the same rights and responsibilities that loving hetereosexual couples seek. Or maybe I'd compare them to the Clampetts in Beverly Hills. Or maybe even Martin Luther in 1546. But I would not do that and I did not write those things, though Nick Saban might.

The establishment fears change because it upsets The Man's hegemony and grip on power. That's what WVU and Mizzou are doing. Please, God, the frightened establishment beseeches, let Oklahoma (at least we recognize them) beat Missouri so there will be at least one team we recognize and know Ohio State in the title game!

When that doesn't happen, they can fall back on the Irrefutable Because They Are Unproveable assertions: "Well, maybe Missouri and West Virginia are in the title game, but everyone knows Southern Cal and Ohio State are really playing the best football right now."

Oh, would those be the Southern Cal and Ohio State teams that scored 66 points in their most recent game? The Southern Cal and Ohio State teams that just beat the nation's No. 2 team? Those teams?

My favorite version of their reasoning is the Idiot's Rationale, which goes like this: The best teams (i.e., LSU, Florida, Ohio State, Southern Cal, etc.) have all lost too much, that's why they're not in the big game.

Just think about that for a minute. I always thought the best teams actually didn't lose. But I guess that's just my backward, unedjoocated hillbilly thinking.

The situation is also reminiscent of second-generation immigrants decrying the flood of new immigrants coming to American and stealing jobs. To those who think the BCS-is-a-mess, only teams that have won or played for a national championship should be allowed to play for it again. (But, how do you get there in the first place? Oh, never mind with those details!)

This is fabulous. This is radical evolution, to borrow a phrase from a colleague. It's frightening and upsetting to the establishment but it's thrilling to those of us on the cutting edge


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