Ferrari or Honda? For Alonso!

Zain AbbasContributor IJuly 23, 2008

So where should Fernando Alonso go? Ferrari or Honda?

This is the most interesting driver-market discussion and all the people related to F1 and fans awaiting eagerly to find out the destination of one of the most talented drivers on the grid for the 2009 or 2010 Formula 1 Championship!

It makes it more exciting when we imagine Alonso as follows. For our imaginations, let's keep the Kimi Raikkonen factor/decision aside for a while.

Alonso in a Ferrari: People from Spain, Italy and all other Alonso and Ferrari fans would definitely welcome Alonso to Ferrari. They will indeed enjoy to the max seeing him winning races for the red team. Specially, we all would anticipate a tough battle between Hamilton and Alonso, and it'd be worthwhile watching Alonso competing with Hamilton in almost a similar car.

My two cents on Ferrari/Alonso partnership: It wouldn't be too much exciting for me after a while and even if he wins one or two championships, it'll be like "no big deal" as many a drivers have won with Ferrari. The only excitement for me would be his battles with Hamilton and Kubica (expecting that the BMWs would be more competent in future).

Alonso with Honda: The move to Honda may not give instant results as we all know why, but Honda is one team that has long term plans in F1 and they have the financial muscle to invest more in F1 than any other teams. They have Ross Brawn and all other F1 specialists to make Honda a team to beat in coming years. More importantly, they want Fernando Alonso to be with them for a long time.

Currently, Honda is more or less (less basically) there where Ferrari were in 1995. Ferrari were better but still lagging behind other teams at that time. In my opinion, knowing Alonso's interest in developing the car, together with Ross and others at Honda, Alonso can really bring Honda to heights in F1 exactly like Michael Schumacher did with Ferrari from 1996 to 2006.

But the questions are what is Alonso thinking all these days? Has he already signed with Ferrari for 2010 and looking for another useless year with any other team? Or Honda has pursuaded him to be their driver in 2009? I strongly think he would be better off with Honda.