WM XXVII: The Night of CM Punk and Sheamus

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IIJune 11, 2010

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5:  CM Punk successfully reaches the top of the ladder during the Money In The Bank Ladder Mach during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)
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Before proceeding any further let me clarify that I do not have any inside information. All I put forward here is my opinion.

We all might be equivocal about following statement. CM Punk and Sheamus are two of the future torchbearers of WWE. They already are elites and time will only elevate them higher.

Incidentally, they both are ‘Heels’. CM punk is already a reigning heel and Sheamus is catching up with him rapidly. If we look at their traits as a ‘character’, Punk is a classic heel, cunning and deceptively coward, where as Sheamus is rabid, remorseless and relentless. 

In my opinion, these are the two stars, who will feature in Wrestlemania main event this year. Either in world and WWE championship matches or one of them might face the Phenom. In case, if either of them fights in another match, then it will be against A-lister only. I am going to list potential opponents of CM Punk and Sheamus here.

When I was thinking about the possible storylines, I could see some probabilities for above-mentioned card. I am just going to share here those possible situations.


1. John Cena

CM Punk is the topmost heel, and like it or not, Cena is the biggest face. They will most certainly cross the path, and Wrestlemania is the night for such an occasion.  Secondly, what keeps the chances of this match alive is that it makes a logical transfer of Punk to raw, or this storyline will follow the surprise return of john Cena to Smackdown.

Case 1 –

Punk wins the royal rumble and irrespective of brand differences, challenges Cena.

Case 2 –

SES attacks Cena at Elimination Chamber and costs him the title opportunity or the title itself.

Lastly, both of them will for sure cut some awesome promos on the way to Wrestlemania.

2. Randy Orton

No two superstars can be more different right now. This rivalry will be a treat to watch. Orton is very fast catching up with Cena. However, I still have a doubt about whether this face turn will sustain until WM 27. I see these two feuding in similar above-mentioned two cases.

3. ‘The Game’ HHH

Did you dare to forget him? Well I did not. WWE has given us a teaser of this feud time and time again. It is sure to happen, but  when is a question mark. It is hard to predict how this feud will lead to Wrestlemania, but in most likelihood Punk will be the one to pick up a bone.

4. The Undertaker

I do not see Punk challenging the deadman. It will be other way round.  Punk will probably enrage Taker at No Way Out or Elimination Chamber, but then he will be reluctant to accept the challenge of Undertaker. What will follow is a routine Taker saga.

Another chance is Punk will be the champion and taker will be the challenger. Such a storyline is very much possible.


These are most probable four for CM Punk; in case he turns face (?) then I bet he will face either Edge, Drew or Jericho.



1. The Undertaker

In my opinion, Sheamus is the only heel on current roster who will challenge the Phenom. His character starves for statement and power. He has already faced HHH, Orton, Cena. Latter two of these three have not pinned him yet. This is what dominance is supposed to be.

So, who’s left?  Of course the biggest of them all. If you want to be the biggest heel, take out the most popular face. For Sheamus to stamp his authority he needs to stand toe to toe with the undertaker. I see Sheamus challenging and inviting Taker for a Wrestlemania clash. If this is the second last WM appearance of the deadman, then Sheamus is the man to face him.

Footnote – I am dying to see THE UNDERTAKER being called…. Hey ‘fella’ by somebody.

2. Some Surprise ‘returning’ superstar.

Eh, Sheamus will face an opponent who is as strong and ruthless as he is, somebody at least half as dominant as the undertaker . Imagine Goldberg is coming back. Or ‘face’ Batista has returned and is on the rampage. In both the cases, Sheamus will be the first person to take it as an offense.


Therefore, here are my picks. It may happen or may not happen, Punk and Sheamus are certain to shine. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.