Is This Bobby Bowden's Last Season at Florida State?

Yates BoykinCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

A new season of football is around the corner for Florida State, and there is a buzzing question going around: Is this Bobby Bowden's last season?

Bowden has named his successor, Florida State offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, so there is already a sense of change in Tallahassee.  But should Bowden step aside?

Bobby Bowden has been coaching at Florida State since 1976.  He has won two national championships, both in the '90s.  He holds the record for most wins in Division I football with 373, one ahead of Penn State head coach, Joe Paterno.

Bowden turned the Florida State football program into a legitimate force.  He's done many things for FSU, and 99 percent of those things are good.

Reading those facts, you may think, "Why should he step aside?"

'Nole fans have been by Bowden's side since he stepped on the field named after him.  But the past dismal seasons have gotten some supporters to hop on the Jimbo Fisher train, which they believe will take them back to how it was.

The faith in Bobby is slowly shifting over to his successor.

During the recent ACC media day, Bowden said, "I'm still the head football coach, but I know we've got to win more than we're winning now.  I'm not interested in getting out, though.  I plan on getting this thing back to where it ought to be, and go on from there.  Time will tell."

But is there enough time?

Is this the last season for Bobby?  Should he step aside?  Can he get back to the top, or does Jimbo Fisher have a better shot?

I love to see the fight in Bobby Bowden, and I would love to see him back on top—but as he said, time will tell.