Cena Haters Rejoice. The Age Of Orton Heads For A Rebirth.

Joel DanielsContributor IJune 8, 2010

The picture spells out the majority of what it is written below. Now, while this article is written with the knowledge that all of the happenings of WWE is kayfabe and is about the characters inside said kayfabe (not the actual people who portray those characters), let me warn you right now - This is not an article for the faint of heart. And by that I mean all those Cena lovers out there. I urge you to look away, hit the back button, or just close your browser if you love John Cena. However,if you love John Cena but still wish to continue... once again I say "You have been warned."

Well then, before I delve into the main issue here, I have to get a few things out of the way first:

1. Randy better be okay after that stunt Edge pulled. I need him to walk into Fatal Fourway as a challenger and walk out as our new WWE Champion. End of discussion.

2. Ted really, REALLY needs a new gimmick.

3. I have new found respect for the Miz. I just do.

4. The viewers choice idea was okay. I enjoyed that dance off (oddly enough) between Vladimir and Santino. It was entertaining at least.

5. No one was more ecstatic as I was to see Drew get his hair ripped out by Matt Hardy. I don't loathe Drew, but right now I'm rooting for Matty:D

6. Even though the storyline is weak, it's good to see Kane getting involved somehow. I had honestly forgotten what he had sounded like.

With all of that said, I feel that the time has come for me to say what really should be said because honestly, except for number 1, none of the remainder could compare to what Vince McMahon and his team of creatives chose to close RAW with.

Now, as all of you already know (and for those who don't well now you do) I am the biggest Ortonite out there. Subsequently, you would be hard pressed to locate a bigger Cena hater than myself. If Randy Orton is the air that I breathe then Cena makes up the toxins that pollute said air.

In that regard, what happened on Monday Night RAW was truly a miracle. Countless times I have basked in the pleasure of seeing Cena-crap beaten, humiliated, humbled and best of all, left for dead. However, even though ninety nine percent of those oh so wonderful occasions was solely thanks to Randy Orton, NONE of said occasions were quite as pleasing to the eye as what took place this past RAW.

For all those who watched RAW, you all know what I'm getting at. For those unfortunate people who did not (many of you are probably Cena haters and if you are, then you missed something extraordinary), picture this: Cena alone and unarmed in a ring surrounded by haters in the form of all of Season 1 NXT Rookies.

Truly beautiful isn't it?

Well, for the first five minutes it was like watching a dream come true. After getting to see Punk lock up with Cena (I got a good laugh because CM's mask is by far the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen), I got to see eight angry men -with more wrestling ability in their pinky finger than Cena combined - beat down the U Can't See Me (wish I really couldn't) Superstar.

Now I have no clue as to why they did it, but really, I forgive them. Because they took out Cena....repeatedly. I'm pretty certain that Randy Orton was backstage holding that injured shoulder of his with a smile when he saw Cena being beaten down to a cripple with no signs of escape/help for miles.

To sum it up for you: The rookies came out, beat Cena, beat Punk and the rest of SES, took out Striker, then some random dude, then King, then two more random people, and then they went Tornado on everything in sight. From the security walls, to the commentator stations, to the flipping ring! These guys went ape on anything that could take a beating. And then after they finished with destroying all they could what do my heroes do??? The only logical thing of course - execute more moves on a downed John Cena.

Now theories have been surrounding the idea that the whole beat down was simply a marketing input to remind us gentle folk that NXT is still here as Season 2 gets ready to premiere. I'm not going to knock this theory or any other theory simply because I don't care. NO ONE NEEDS A REASON TO BEAT UP JOHN CENA. It's that simple.

At the start you recall that (regarding Cena's brutal beat down) I had stated that "for the first five minutes it was like watching a dream come true"? I did not lie. It was. And then it morphed into something different. It was a really feeling I had long forgotten in regards to John Cena. And that feeling was none other than sympathy.

No need to question your sanity. I really did say it. For the first time since I was eleven years old, I felt sympathy towards John Cena.Yes. Me. His biggest hater. I honestly felt sorry for the guy as Justin splashed onto him from the top rope. I cringed a bit when Skip threw him to the exposed wood of the ring. I pitied the soon-to-be-former-WWE Champ as Wade Barrett executed a power-slam of sorts right after, by driving the near-dead man into the ring floor.

Every blow Cena got after those first five minutes made me feel a sense of humanity for the man. I wanted my heroes to just stop. I felt that "this is just wrong" and "why oh why are they doing this to John Cena?" vibe slither down my spine.

And then after the NXT Rookies left, and Cena was wheeled out on a stretcher, the man wasted no time in reminding me once more why I was his number one hater by pulling out a thumbs up sign. I wanted to kill him right then and there. After being mauled by a pack of wild animals for fifteen minutes Cena-crap dared to tell me (and subsequently the rest of the WWE Universe) that he was "okay". The thought of him being anything close burned me like the heat of a thousand suns.This was unfair in every sense of the word. The man should have been pushing up daises not an okay sign.

Damn him to heck.

However, I soon pushed aside those feelings of rejuvenated loathe to relish in the fact that this ladies and gentlemen is truly what I call an omen for good things to come. Good things for Randy Orton of course. Even though Cena managed to stick up a thumb to show that he was fine, the man was mauled by eight wrestlers. Eight very angry wrestlers at that. Long story short, he's hurting bad and that evens things up for Fatal Fourway.

How you ask? While Edge may have this personal vendetta with Randy (that currently has greatness suffering from a dire injury), he's after the title so if Randy stays out of the ring, then the Rated-R Superstar will go for the next best thing:And that is the newly injured John Cena.

What about Sheamus you ask? Did you see the RAW episode a week ago?? He teamed up with Edge for a common goal. Don't rule it out that the Celtic Warrior won't be teaming once more with Edge once he spots Cena favoring an arm, or a leg, or maybe if we're lucky, his ribs. He'll take advantage of that, and I am counting on Snow White to do his best.

Now even though I'm betting on this co- existence to happen, we can't forget that Edge and Sheamus have egos of their own. In that regard, I hope one of them pushes Cena out of the ring only to turn on each other and subsequently take each other out.

What about Randy you ask? Did you not hear me?? He's outside the ring biding time. He just needs to pin someone. No need to get too involved and risk further injury. If all goes well, Edge and Sheamus will continue their tango with each other away from relevance. And if I know John Cena, he will try to prevail against all odds. I really hope he does. I hope he pushes himself far, FAR past his limits and re-injures something that renders him useless for three seconds. That is when Randy Orton will emerge, pin the fallen man, and re-claim what he should have never lost in the first place.

Before you start, yes I realize that this prediction is premature and most likely will not happen to the T. However, truth be told I don't give two cents about how it happens, or how long it takes, or even which of the three irrelevant men have to die on spot... all I want is for Randy Orton to win at Fatal Fourway. The PPV is paved for the re-emergence of the new and very much improved Age Of Orton. And that gentle people is nothing short of the truth.