The NXT Generation In Wrestling Starts Today!

John DiBonaContributor IJune 8, 2010

   I had been approved to write for this site for a few months now. I am a hardcore fan of MMA, the NFL and even pay attention to the NBA and MLB however it took an event in the "fake" sport of pro-wrestling to inspire me to write this article. I was sitting at home watching Monday night RAW annoyed at the choices the fans were picking for matches and stipulations. In my mind I was watching one of the most boring, predictable RAW's in ages. Then within the last 10 or so minutes of the show something special happened.

   In the middle of the main event (John Cena v. C.M. Punk) the winner of the first season of the WWE show NXT made his way to the ring. The man is known as Wade Barrett. Then the camera panned to the crowd and we saw an eliminated rookie from the same program, then another and another until finally all 8 cast members of NXT we're around the ring. Then it happened. the moment that as a wrestling fan I may remember forever or forget about in a few weeks (depending on where they go with it).

   All 8 men jumped the barricades and went wild. Tearing apart the ring apron, mat, guard rails and even removing the second rope. They flipped announce tables, threw chairs and scared the living day lights out of just about every child in the arena. They took out the bad guys and the companies top hero in John Cena. For about 10 minutes these 8 relatively unknown wrestlers joined together only by membership on a TV show and unified in their "N" lettered arm bands tore apart the arena and the companies top champ and there was nothing anyone did to stop it.They then left as a unit. Unified and assassin like.

   We all know wrestling is scripted. It has become so evident that we as fans can often call exactly what will happen before it occurs but in an era where everyone knows everything and endings are never shocking this rocked the wrestling boat. It reminded me of the 1990's when Nash and Hall showed up in WCW and no one knew why these outsiders were there. If done right this could be as great and game changing as the NWO angle if done wrong it can become a great moment that WWE failed to capitalize on and we will forget about in a few months. One thing is for sure this single moment has renewed my hope and excitement in wrestling. I can't wait to see where it goes and if you are or have ever been a wrestling fan you should stay tuned because as good ol' J.R. says "Business is about to pick up".