World Wrestling Excrement: Why the WWE Stinks So Bad

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IJune 7, 2010

There are literally millions of wrestling fans worldwide that watch World Wrestling Entertainment.

The question is, do they actually enjoy what they are seeing, or do they wish wrestling would go back to a time when it was actually good?

Back in the day, Monday Night Raw was the place to be. Stone Cold, DX, Vince McMahon and others always made for interesting story-lines. We also had a lot of young and talented guys who went out there and did things that hadn't been done, like ladder matches and TLC tag matches.

Where did these days go?

Now when I tune in there is always some Hollywood actor or gimmick host supposedly calling the shots. Do wrestling fans actually care that Ashton Kutcher has another movie out, or that he is in a tweet war with some guy that has Woo Woo across his headband?

WWE is actually starting to creep back towards the days of the early to mid '90s when I didn't watch, and neither did a lot of people.

So what are they doing wrong?

Well, it's simple. They have gone from trying to dominate that male 18-34 demographic and have made it more family and kid friendly. Maybe by now they figure that those who watched religiously back in the '90s have kids and want to bring in the next generation for a ride.

Either way, the product has gone stale.

I rarely watch anymore. In fact I may turn on Raw for the first five minutes and see if it looks appealing, but after those five minutes I usually change it.

The biggest problem I have is seeing the same crap week in and week out. How many angles can you have between Cena and Bautista? How many times can we have a tag match with main eventers from the upcoming pay-per-view on the Monday before the event?

There are so many wrestlers on the roster that we shouldn't be seeing the same matches over and over again, plain and simple.

Then there are the story-lines.

Lame, enough said.

Whatever happened to factions and pushing young talent? It wasn't too long ago when Rhodes and Dibiase were given the push that way, and it worked.

If you look back in time at the guys that were developed from these groups you have some of the best. The Rock got his career going with the Nation, HHH really got chugging while in DX, and both Edge and Christian were in the Brood.

That is how you push talent.

This NXT stuff is a joke. I know they tried to come up with a new way to push young talent, but I didn't care, and I know many others share in my opinion.

The other reason the entertainment has turned to excrement is the actual story-lines themselves.

Outside of the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker plot line that took us into Mania, there really haven't been any that make me want to spend $35 on a pay-per-view.

Do we care that Jack Swagger is a college All American with a lisp? Do we care that yet another wrestler got his head shaved in a match? Oh, and my favorite—the gimmick pay-per-views they have each month now.

I have a solution to their pay-per-view problem too—dump about half of them. They are mostly the same crap as the month before.

I am sure there are many out there that share my thoughts on the current state of the WWE, and there just as many that will argue it is good.

All I think is that it is going into the outhouse right now. They need to shake things up. Start a new faction, turn John Cena heel, actually kill the Undertaker in the ring.

But until they make some changes in their storylines and do something to actually show me that they are improving the product, I am going to stop watching.

As far as the actual wrestling is considered, I have no problems with that. They have a lot of young talented guys that can do things that I would only dream of. But until they get some type of writing backstage to make them appealing they won't go far in the company.

So what do you think about the state of the World Wrestling Excrement? Do you like the wrestlers? How are the story-lines? Do you enjoy paying $35 to watch the same stuff month in and month out?

As always, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.