Tiger Woods Welcomes Colin Montgomerie To His World

Ron FurlongAnalyst IIJune 5, 2010

NEWPORT, WALES - JUNE 05:  Colin Montgomerie of Scotland waits on the fourth tee during the third round of the Celtic Manor Wales Open on The Twenty Ten Course on June 5, 2010 in Newport, Wales.  (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)
Warren Little/Getty Images

It's not a world anyone would wish on their worst enemy. Well, okay, maybe you would wish it on your worst enemy. Maybe not their second worst enemy, though.

The world is that of Tiger Woods in the last, oh, let's say six months. I don't think I need to recap this period for anyone, do I? Let's just say things haven't really gone Tiger's way of late.

Colin Montgomerie, the captain of this fall's European Ryder Cup team, may have just opened himself up for a small little sampling of what Tiger has been experiencing.

The 46-year-old Montgomerie, who has had a great run in the public eye ever since he was named captain of the Euro team, has taken a major hit to that great run.

On Friday it was revealed Monty had an extra-marital affair and is now struggling to save his marriage. The rumors leaking say the affair was with an old flame.

Colin's first marriage ended in divorce, but with that one Monty was seen more as victim in the public's eye. He received a lot of public support as he appeared wounded when seen on the golf course. This time he is anything but the victim.

Montgomerie is, ironically, playing this weekend at the Wales Open at Celtic Manor, which will be the sight of the Ryder Cup this fall. After the second round on Friday Monty agreed to answer a few questions about the matter.

The first thing he did was make it perfectly clear he will not step down as captain.

"It's not going to impact my captaincy at all. Not one bit," he told reporters.

Colin, who hasn't won on the European tour in over three years, was actually playing well after two rounds despite the distractions. But on Saturday he shot a 76 to fall 10 shots off the lead.

He also told reporters, "The crowd was very supportive and it's up to Gaynor and I to work things out and continue, and we look forward to welcoming everybody here in October."

On the surface, the marriage between Colin and his wife Gaynor has seemed ideal, and they had appeared happy. Perhaps this is why some are so shocked about the revelations.

Montgomerie has always been a man that wears his emotions on his face. When he is in pain, you can tell. When he is happy, you can tell. He is a temperamental man that has always taken criticism personally and, one could say, poorly.

The Ryder Cup captain has to be able to take criticism. He has to be able to deflect the criticism his players will get as well. Public invasion into his private life does not figure to help Monty with either of these things.

Too bad Tiger Woods is on the opposite team. He would be a great resource for Monty on giving some advice about handling some of this stuff.